The High Calling of a Whole Hearted Mama

This is entry number one in what I hope to be a very long-lived and fruitful blog. In a nutshell, here is what I do and what my blog will be about. Family, parenting, home-making, marriage, home-schooling, and living a whole hearted life.

I have three little boys. We homeschool and have from the beginning. I usually start off each year with some sort of formal curriculum, but end up tweaking and re-writing so much of it that by the end of the year I have pieced together my own. I don’t have a teaching degree so I do not know how to teach a classroom full of kids to do well on standardized tests, but I have heard from teachers that those degrees usually get in the way of homeschooling anyway. I plan on blogging several entries on “writing” curriculum. I plan to write about the path that the Lord has taken me on in discovering the joy in preparing a “one-room-schoolhouse” type education for my children. I looked for blogs, and books, and online support on how to do what I wanted to do, but found none. So hopefully all of my headaches were not in vain as I share what I’ve done. I look forward to getting feedback and comments in order to make me a better homeschooler in return. 

My husband is a super man of sorts. He has walked alongside me and stood with me through some very difficult bouts of depression. I am only able to do what I do each day because of the loving support he gives me. I don’t know how I would do this without him, his love, and his partnership. We are devoted to our family and parenting in light of Christ’s design for family fellowship and discipleship. Some pretty extreme views about family values dominate the world around us. It’s practically a full time job to combat those as we seek to mirror the love and sacrifice we see in the Trinity, within our family. 

Another area of “mom life” I hope to blog about often is how the Lord has been my strength practically. What does that mean? Every mom has her own way of doing things, keeping her home running smoothly, and feeding her family, organizing and prioritizing time together and time alone. I am only 31 years young so I don’t have a ton of experience on anything, except living my life in the Lord’s strength. All I know for sure is that my home is held together by Christ Himself and when I look to anything else for my needs or satisfaction, my home life begins to waver or fall apart. Sometimes I have to put down my hobbies, my desires, my plans, and things I want to do BADLY in order to serve the needs of my family. In my own strength doing those things can leave me feeling jipped. In Christ’s strength, I am aligned with His mind and His desires and nothing can compare to that.

Please follow me and leave me comments often. Just a glimpse of things to come… recipe exchanges and ideas(especially one-pot wonders), plenty and plenty of homeschool blogs as I attempt to Weaver all 3 of my children in a unit study this year… kinda like a one room schoolhouse, and how the Lord has healed me of the disease of self loathing. Beautiful, wholehearted stuff!

In His Love,



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