Preparing for the future!

Our school year is coming to an end. We are finishing up the language arts and math curriculum that we use. Although we did everything my little instructor manual books said to do, I still see areas that big man(big man is my oldest boy; bunny man is what we call our middle child; and little bird is my sweet youngest boy) can improve in so we’ll continue with “school” a little while longer. Bunny man is going to need another year of learning to read and write. He’s pretty much nailed math, but because he struggles with special needs he is not yet graduating to another set of books… we are going to allow him to work at the pace he is comfortable with. My little bird is accomplishing kindergarten work despite me. So many days I just push him off to the side because I don’t have time to help him in his workbooks, but he does them anyway. And he is teaching himself math and how to write letters. Thanks God, I needed that!

This next year I will be combining all 3 boys in a unit study called Weaver, put out by a reputable homeschool and chrisitan school publishing company. I spent hours and hours going over how I was to plan the first 2 weeks of the darn study. I have never combined the 3 in this way before. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but kept struggling with something. I realized yesterday that there is not enough history and/or organized social studies in the year. It’s full of wonderful science and writing, language arts, and activities that all tie into a daily bible lesson, but I needed a history goal to aim towards and wasn’t finding it. In my classical approach to learning we do history in 4 year cycles: begin with 2 years of American history, then cycle into Ancients, Medieval, then Am history year 1, and the fourth being Am history year 2. I knew that Weaver vol 1 covered Ancients, but very little and it was too scattered.

So after a night of prayer and wondering if I had chosen the right plan for us next year, I was led to this conclusion… add a History curriculum and have it tie in with the bible lessons(that all happen to be Ancients this year). I am supplementing with Mystery of History vol 1 and Story of the World vol 1(I already own MOH and SOTW is very inexpensive to add on). I am going to loosely follow along these 2 books which go very nice together as we study the world in a hands on way through Weaver.  

Once I got this figured out I felt peace and excitement. Weaver really is a lot of fun and the thought of abandoning it was upsetting to me. After mapping out our first few weeks I have decided that what I love best about the curriculum is that it is very hands on and uses the world around us to teach. I don’t need to buy a ton of supplies to have a hands on, science filled year. I love that the experiments and activities can be done by all three of my boys, with bunny man doing a little less than, big man; and little bird doing a little less than bunny man.

Many of you know that my conviction to homeschool is strong and I feel it is from the Lord. I know He would be okay with me putting them in a school and would love me just the same. I don’t doubt that one bit. But, I truly feel that right now what’s best for us is to be together all week. I get my breaks, I get time with other adults during playdates, but I am mostly with my kids. The Christ within me is seeking to know the Christ within them. For so long I couldn’t wait to open up a home for women so I could show them the love of our Christ and let them know that God is not mad at them. We are redeemed. I was chomping at the bit for my kids to grow up so I could do that. Well, I have been shown that my children are just as valuable as any one of those girls I would be caring for. I am getting the opportunity to have my “home” right now with my little boys. And all this lesson planning and figuring out the best, most effecient way to run a home of 5… well, it’s just practical, hand’s on experience to prepare me for my home of 50(or more) one day.

Thanks for reading. Love you guys,


p.s. I am just figuring out wordpress and so be patient with me as I learn to navigate, and fix some of the annoying technical problems as well as build my page up.


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