Guess what…

Today I have something exciting to tell…I ordered a series of lectures given by professors(award winning) from the University of Iowa. They aren’t classes, simply lectures on DVD’s. If assignments are given I’ll do them, or not. The three classes I ordered were 1)Exploring the Writer’s Craft; 2)Analysis and Critique: How to Engage and Write About Anything; […]

Merry Thursday!

Some of the activities that truly relax me are exercising hard, reading non-fiction, and lesson planning. No, you are not reading the about me section. Last night I spent 8 straight hours lesson planning. It began because I wanted to do something I enjoyed, the kids were in bed and Chris wasn’t home. So I […]


You know what? I get a lot of stuff wrong. Last night I was in a very desperate place as I realized I got something wrong. I gave years of my life to something that I don’t know is even real anymore. It doesn’t matter what it is and you don’t need to know what […]

Dell vs. Apple

If you are a mom and reading this, I want to express to you a heartfelt Happy Mother’s Day! Being a mom can be the hardest job in the world. Raising good kids takes persistence, patience, and making some hard decisions. Thank you for raising and caring for our future generation. Chris and I drove […]