God woke me up grateful

This morning the Lord woke me up grateful. I know there is much to do and especially since it’s a busy busy Monday I should not waste this time, but my morning has been spent feeling grateful for what’s important. As I type this my little ones keep bringing me “breakfast” from the toy kitchen they got at Christmas-time. All I see in them is innocence and precious life that loves so purely. I see why Jesus loves the little children. Those kids are too good for me. Sometimes I wonder why God entrusted them to me.

I am grateful for my home. This has been our home for the last year and a half, and the Church has been our home for the last year and 10 months. It has flown by. I came here scared and unsure of Christ in myself and I have gotten to know His voice and learn that I possess a freedom that’s been there all along. I have learned that people are flawed and will make mistakes, but generally want to do good. I have a Church family here that I have grown to love more than I ever imagined. They have been light to me in a world of darkness.

I am grateful for my job as a cook, a teacher(I use that term loosely), and counselor, and a chauffeur. We began homeschooling because I know it’s what the Lord wants for us. We continue to homeschool for the same reason. If it were any other reason, I would not have the strength to continue. If I were homeschooling for any other reason, burnout would have caused me to abandon my post and seek out other things. The Lord is clear in what He wants for us and I am not to waver, or seek to fill my own desires(which has been extremely tempting). We were given a large portion of our supplies for free this coming year. I have added to it to create the perfect year of learning for us. I have 3 homeschool planners for next year and one student planner, seriously! Because we are doing a unit study all year long, major organization on my part is required. I am pre-planning the year now in a cheap planner, will review and plan again on a month-by-month basis during the school year, and then we have a planner for writing down what we actually did at the end of each day. The student planner is for Big Bird… he will be learning to study more independantly this year. I am so excited and grateful for the new year! If the kids didn’t need a break, we wouldn’t take one… that’s how excited I feel!

I am grateful for the day. I don’t know what it holds. I know what our plans are, and I know what needs to get done, but I hope it’s a good one. I hope I remain grateful all day long. I hope when Chris and I go to bed tonight we know we did the best we could with what the Lord has entrusted to us. Last night we prayed together about some important decisions we have to make. We prayed about uncertainty and fears about our future. And we prayed for those who are hurting. I am grateful for those prayers and the Christ who prayed them through us.

Our lives are going to be changing drastically soon and while I am sad (I don’t like change), I am grateful for the here and now as well as for the future. I woke up happy and light as I realized the wonderful life God has blessed me with these last couple of years. He is so good to me.

Thanks for reading!




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