Endings and Beginnings

This past year my oldest was in second grade, my middle child in kindergarten, and my baby in preschool. Oldest boy finished the year I had planned about 2 weeks ago, but I didn’t tell him that because I want us all to take a break at the same time. Middle child, who is also my slow learner has finished more than half of kindergarten. He worked hard and gave it all he’s got, but he has a rare, mild form of autism (it’s not the same type that Rain Man had) and he can do somethings really well and others much slower. My little Bird has nagged his way into being ready for kindergarten when he turns four. He bugged me almost daily to teach him his letters, how to write, and basically for more and more “school”. Because of this I will be putting him in kindergarten with my middle boy.

Something that I love about homeschooling them is the time I get. There have been times when I’ve told a random grocery line commenter who said “homeschool?, I could never be with my kids all day,” … “yeah, it’s hard.” And I meant it, it is hard and I do sometimes wish for the break of sending them to school. But when it’s not hard, it’s amazing. It’s worth it, all the good stuff usually is.

I’m combining all 3 in a way I’ve never done before this coming year. I hope it saves some time and frustration as well as draws us closer as we study the same things, down to the same memory verses. This year will be our most hands on and our most academic ever. Chris and I have reduced the amount of time the kids watch tv/movies to almost none. We have piles and piles of library books sitting in front of the tv. They have taken to animal books and crafts books. They like making crafts.:)

We gave our oldest a Leapfrod Leapster for Christmas this past year. He used it all the time at fist, but has found his way back to his journals books as full time entertainment. If you’re thinking we are weird, or becoming Amish… I kind of agree with you. If you think it’s awesome, I can’t take any credit. My kids were born to be homeschool dorks. And they get along really well with other homeschool dorks… ‘dork’ being the operative word here. Homeschooling is everywhere now so there are cool homeschool kids compared with the nerdy ones. Our family is a bunch of nerds. And we plan on getting nerd-ier each year.

Chris and I have some tride and true old fashioned values. The Bible explains that if we train a child in the way he should go, he will not depart from it. My husband was raised in a Christian home and departed from it while at college. He and God didn’t meet back up again until he almost died from an aneurysm 4 years ago. Everyday he regrets the life he lived while apart from the Lord. He tells me he can never take back all the pain he caused others while living for Himself. I spent half my life apart from God. I mostly hurt myself, but in the wake of that others were cut too. We hope our kids never have to know the pain and regret of living apart from the Lord. It brings me joy now to offer things of this world to our children for pleasure, because we are not under law, and watch them turn it down. Like I wrote earlier, it’s not of our own doing.

Changes are in store for our family. We’ll be moving soon and we’ll get to have time as a family. It’s a gift that we sacrificed for a season in order to have Christ revealed in us and in others. Mission accomplished, and now we can have a life again. I miss my husband. Last night we spent some time talking and we both feel very strange. Neither of us know what’s ahead, we just know that we are okay because we are in the Lord. It’s a very new place to be for the both of us.

Last week we spent some time with the poor. The Lord kind of forced my hand. I knew I needed to go find some down and out people and so I emailed the small group we have been a part of. I told them that they could do what they needed to, but I HAD to go. Well, about 30 or 40 of our Christian friends showed up. I felt warm as I saw each familiar face, like I do when my husband comes home from work. I love my fellow Christians. I know that Christians get a bad rap. We are known for being judgemental as we look down on those who live differently. But I want to share something that one of the men told us.. he said ” the Christians out here keep us alive.” I guess I’ll be in the kitchen again all weekend baking more bread:) (Not this weekend though Mom, this weekend I’m coming to see you!) If you have a word of knowledge from the Lord or a nudge to go give them some food, bug spray, wipes, or just spend time with them… GO. It’s keeping them alive.

I’ll keep updating as we move on. My next blog will be about how I homeschool through the dark days of depression. I wanted to write about that today, but I don’t have what I need with me(my journal) in order to reference what I’ll need to reference.

Thanks for reading about my family and where we are. I plan on writing through our new season as the Lord moves our “tent” once again.




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