Dell vs. Apple

If you are a mom and reading this, I want to express to you a heartfelt Happy Mother’s Day! Being a mom can be the hardest job in the world. Raising good kids takes persistence, patience, and making some hard decisions. Thank you for raising and caring for our future generation.

Chris and I drove to Orlando yesterday to visit my mom. I always enjoy those long drives because I get to have conversations with him. Nothing interrupts us other than the occasional question asked by our kids. My hubby was feeling off yesterday and fighting a cold/fever, so I drove. On the way there he began telling me about a new book on tape that he’s been listening to. It’s about good business skills and how to market yourself. He told me that this author explained that people don’t want to buy into a “thing”, they want to buy into a feeling. When a company markets them self as being an expert at something, like Dell being all about computers, it’s different than a company like Apple. Apple can pretty much do anything. Dell once tried selling an mp3 player, months before anyone else had come out with it, but it flopped… because they marketed themselves as computer people.

I can relate in my homeschool. So many times I have gone back to a company that was not a perfect fit for us because they sold me a “feeling”. I agree with what the writers and homeschool parents themselves who created the company stood for. Then I realized that I do that with everything in life.

A few years ago I read some books about the Lord. They described how He doesn’t want us to earn His salvation and love. He created us to be a wife for His son. In addition to that, He created us to share in the fellowship and communion that God Himself was sharing in with Christ and the Holy Spirit. That added to what I already knew… the Son had come to earth, lived a sinless life, taken our darkness upon Himself, died a gruesome death, and defeated death after rising to life… gave me a new life. Reading these books and the revelation that happened after, changed my life. Christianity was not about me and how I can have a better life. Christianity is not here to meet my needs. It’s not here to fix my marriage, to keep us afloat financially, or to help us live safe lives. I am a Christian because someone once loved me enough to die a sinless death for me. That’s it. I have been trying so hard to figure out what God wants from me. What kind of church group do I associate myself with? What doctrine do I look to when deciding how to raise my kids, how to heal my depression, how to handle decision making? It’s simple, He doesn’t want anything from me. He wants my love and willingness to give Him that place in myself where He can live and grow, and eventually I decrease.

Somewhere along the line, Christianity became about me again. My marriage, my depression, my issues and fixing them, even my Church. It hit me yesterday. I just want to love the Lord and I know that the Christ in me is prompting that. Whatever I choose to do concerning how I live my life, He’ll be okay with. He didn’t die so that I could have a safe cushy life, or a great marriage(although right now I do, but I know it won’t last because there are ups and downs), or so I could try to fight depression without medicine. He died so that I may know Him. And I do. So, just like Dell, we can make life about one certain thing, like homeschooling, or being a baptist, or even being healed of problems, or we can be like Apple… there’s the main thing, like Christ, but it’s so much more than that. I am “buying” into a bigger picture, a spiritual person that inspires everything in my life. I hope you enjoyed my cheesy analogy. Now that I’ve gotten it down, I realize it may have sounded a bit bigger and better in my head. I hope you like it anyway. Love you guys, Jackie


One thought on “Dell vs. Apple

  1. REALLY good analogy! For you it’s homeschooling. For me it’s knowledge and information. I idolize facts and don’t comprehend the truth we he tells me that knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. Thanks for the reminder that I need to work on this.

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