Guess what…

Today I have something exciting to tell…I ordered a series of lectures given by professors(award winning) from the University of Iowa. They aren’t classes, simply lectures on DVD’s. If assignments are given I’ll do them, or not. The three classes I ordered were 1)Exploring the Writer’s Craft; 2)Analysis and Critique: How to Engage and Write About Anything; and 3)Nutrition Made Clear: The Hard Science.

I love to write. The reason I began this blog was because one of my favorite authors once gave advice in his blog on how to become a good writer. One of the pieces of advice was to keep a blog and write often. Accept feedback and criticism. And a bunch of other stuff. I use spell check every time and I go over and re-read 3 times to see if I’ve made and missed any mistakes. Then, later, while reading the blog to my husband I will notice several grammatical errors and spelling errors. What the heck? Is my spell check faulty? Sorry you guys have to read those mistakes.

Moving on, I want to become a better writer. Last year a friend asked me what I would do if I had one day to myself and could do anything I wanted. I honestly could not answer him with anything other than “I would clean my house and lesson plan”. He advised me to find out who I am and what I like to do. (For those of you who know Chase, it was him who inspired this. For those of you who don’t, he is a great Brother in the Lord as well as a dear friend to me and Chris. He is our friend and counsels us through every hard time we go through, especially recently and during my detox. He is not online, ever, but I want to give a shout out to the Brother who helps and inspires us consistently) In the time since that conversation happened Chris and I have prayed about and sought the Lord’s mind on so many things. Do I go back to school? Do I begin to advertise and pursue my cleaning business? Do I travel to high schools and talk about the dangers of trying drugs to fit in or numb pain? All of these were wrong for our family right now. I decided to keep on parenting and really throw myself into being a good mother and a wife. I learned new recipes and better ways to clean our home with home-made crap. I lesson planned an entire year. I did what I felt like I needed to be doing, and it is fulfilling. I love being a mom and I love learning ways to be better at it. I also love to write.

One day, I knew I would write an entire line of curriculum. It would be more for the mom than the student. Teaching and encouraging her in the ways of homeschooling. I could never set a daily log of lesson plans because one plan could never fit for every child. What I plan to write would have to be similar to a unit study… a topic or lesson to be covered(such as the Ancient time period) and it would need to be flexible to fit different styles of learning as well as several age groups. Right now, learning with my own children, I am gaining experience and knowledge. I am doing what I know I’m supposed to be doing, but also making progress for future goals.

Learning the nuts and bolts of writing from the lectures I’ll watch will help me do what I love to do. I will be able to write properly. I will write curriculum, books on parenting, as well as tell the stories of my life. I will be able to write about the Lord with confidence, because I know Him and I’ll feel more secure expressing that on paper.

The nutrition course was a tad more expensive and I would be able to label myself a nutritionist once finished, but that’s not the goal. (It’s pretty easy to become one, you just need a class to get certified) I enjoy writing about all things healthy and natural and all I want is the science to back it up.

If you would like information on getting these lectures, just let me know. I didn’t know it was possible to buy a series of legit professor taught courses. They are a bit pricey. If I would have bought them a month ago, when I originally wanted to it would have cost us almost a grand for all three subjects (the nutrition and one of the writing courses are actually 2 series in one). But my husband’s wisdom prevailed and he said no and so I thought that was it. I’d just keep a blog and hopefully learn to write from constructive criticism. Then we got a catalog promoting a huge discount, I mean HUGE discount. The sale ends on June 7th. I had a discount code that was sent with my course catalog, so I don’t know if it was specifically for me or if anyone could use the code, but I’ll share it with you if you want to try and use it.

So, back to the subject at hand. I’ll have these DVDs and I’ll have the luxury of watching them when I have the time. I am going to begin with the one that teaches how to construct a great sentence. Hopefully you’ll see my blogs get better. I plan on watching them at night when my house is asleep and I have nothing to do.

You know, a couple of months ago I asked the Lord to let me go to school. I practically begged Chris. And it is just not my time. I cried many nights over it. I was getting ready to go back to school when I got pregnant with Hunter. I had just filled out and sent in the application. I was living at home with mom and dad and excited about becoming a nurse- the path I chose. But then came the positive pregnancy test. I already had a toddler and now I was about to have a baby. I don’t regret the way life turned out or having my precious Hunter, but I have felt some bitterness because I never got the education I wanted. And now I am a full time mom and it really does take up most of my day. What’s awesome is that I am getting an education, it just doesn’t look like what I expected it to. I am passionate about homeschooling, cooking, mom-ing, and wife-ing. And now, to add to that I am becoming friends with the homeless and addicts again. This is an education one could never pay for. And taking these classes, they will simply be a way for me to communicate the way I love to communicate best- through writing.

Thanks for reading… love, me


One thought on “Guess what…

  1. Sometimes our prayers are answered and we don’t realize it because they were not answered the way we envisioned. Good for you!

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