The Secret

If something new catches my ear or eye I am always up for watching, reading, or discovering it. A while ago I was given a book on the “Christian’s Guide to the Secret”. I read it and learned the secret, according to a lady named Rhonda Byrnes, is that you can basically name it and claim it. I also learned that it’s caught on and she has a huge following of fans and people who have made the Secret their faith. There is a video of people swearing by its success and explaining how and why it works. I saw the video “The Secret” at the library and picked it up because I like learning about other religions, groups, cults, or whatever this thing may be.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a nonreligious(hopefully) person with a strong belief that a piece of Christ lives in me. I wasn’t looking for something when I rented the video, I was just curious as to what could be in this video that so many cling to. I don’t believe that only Christians possess truth, there is truth everywhere. I believe that Christ is everywhere, not just in Christians, but in all things and people. I can find Him everywhere.

One thing I noticed is that the Secret is focused on feeling a certain way, doing certain things, and envisioning certain visions with the purpose of alternating one’s reality. It seemed very selfish. All of the facets of this religion, and I use that term loosely, are to obsessively fixate upon what one wants. Now, it can be healthy to have desires and to dream about what the future holds, but creating a false reality and believing that we have all the power is dangerous.

My husband watched it with me and he was back and forth between laughing at the rediculous-ness of the way in which it was filmed and commenting that some of the folks gave good advice. The good advice being, try to see the good in others and in the world. Think positive.

What we didn’t laugh at or get behind was the “law of attraction”. This states that whatever you think. will be. If you think are over weight, it’s only because you thought the food would make you fat. It has nothing to do with the calories… according to the Secret. Another thing we don’t agree with is that we can create our own reality and that’s where all our power is. I’ve seen and heard about this happening in the Christian world. The Lord is so Great and Sovereign. If He wants something to be, it will be.  The One who created the world and created us is the source of power Himself. The Source lives inside His creation. Any time I’ve taken the power into my own hands and began to distort reality, or focus on alternate realities, it’s been destructive to me. Focusing on altered reality for me and those I know, has always led to bigger and grander illusions of distorted reality. Jesus Christ is the Alpha, Omega and all that’s in between. There is no reality apart from Him and to have any form of control is only an illusion. God works all things together for His glory, not for our needs and desires. If it behoves Him that I struggle with depression all my life, then I am glad to bring Him glory in whatever form it takes. If He relieves me of my suffering, than it was His power that did it for His glory, not my obsessive thoughts or anything I have to offer.

Hopefully you can see that I am not knocking anyone’s way of life. I am looking at it from a Christian woman’s point of view and holding it up to the truths that I live on. I can make decisions and try to do my best with what I’ve been given, but I can never control the outcome of anything. For example, I can help my children dream wonderful dreams, teach them how to sacrifice and make wholesome decisions. I can even show them how I honor the Lord and His principles which results in a blessed life., but I am limited. I’ll never have full control over how their lives turn out.

So, in conclusion, as a Christian woman, I found the Secret to be a bit selfish and I found the thinking that “we have all the power” to be grandiose and wrong. Matthew 6:13 states that God is the Kingdom and the power. So right there I’m turned off by the claim that “anyone” can apply the Secret. The teaching has so many different religious views mixed in, mostly pagan at its core.

Do I believe in alternate realities? Sure. After all we have a God that we can’t see and fight wars that are unseen. Am I going to try to tap into something I can’t see? Not unless the Lord is leading me, which has rarely happened.

It’s been enjoyable taking a peek into something so many others have embraced, but I am glad to be in the arms of my Creator. He is my home.

Thanks for reading!




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