New Start

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the needs of my son, who is somewhere on the autism spectrum. Today I hid myself away in a bathroom and let the emotions come and be felt because I had pain and anguish in realizing where he’s at… locked in his mind. Since my mom had taken my other two children and kept them until I was feeling better (kidney stones), it was just me and Hunter for a few days. Before Tuesday he was with his grandparents in Kansas for several weeks. I missed him so much. They had taken him in order to give me a break after I expressed how hard parenting this precious child is and what a burdensome toll it’s taken on me. Today, after several days of spending time with my son, I asked God for something I know I’m not supposed to ask for. Could He take the struggle from Hunter and place it on me? I would take it from him in a heartbeat. I already knew the answer.

Between vacation, spending time traveling, and time with grandparents my kid’s diets are all not where they need to be. My darling husband and myself are just now beginning to prepare and eat the whole foods that we know help us live our healthful, active lives. I am excited to begin supplementing Hunter’s diet once again with B12, cod liver oil, digestive proteins and enzymes, calcium & magnesium, and of course the probiotic. Ahh, the probiotic… a true blessing from God. Then we get to the digestive system and need to clean out all the yeast. Yup, yeast in the gut. Lovely, huh? In a child who has autism often times yeast will grow along the bowel wall like ivy. Chelation therapy is recommended, but expensive and the die-off can be likened to an exorcism in my precious 6 year old. We’ll just cut out the sugar for now.

So, as I go through my journal of autism biomedical interventions and start back at the beginning, I realize that we all need a good detox. My whole family could use a good healthy dietary scrubbing. I asked my husband last night what he thought and he agreed. These next few weeks are going to be a gradual change over to the lifestyle that suits us best. That doesn’t just include our diet, but our sleep habits, and making sure carcinogenic toxins stay out of our home. I am going to be diligent in cleaning the floors on schedule, making sure all fabrics brought into the home are washed before they go any further, and resolve to stop using non-herbal medicines when I just want the quick fix. I have fallen away from a medicine cabinet full of herbs and embraced the ease of hard core pop-one-and-it-works-immediately type pills.

Hopefully you are reading this and finding yourself in good health. Eating right doesn’t look the same for everyone as each of our bodies need different amounts of the 50 essential nutrients to perform optimally. It’s up to us to try different foods and discover how we feel after eating them. Our organs are all different shapes and sizes and it’s important to pay attention to how we feel as we go about our day. If you’re a parent and you are dealing with health issues in your children, like I am now, I sympathize and feel your pain. Christ wants health for me and my family and yours too. May you find your health in the light of Him.

Thank you for reading!





2 thoughts on “New Start

    • Thanks Brother. Miss you too. It’s weird, I’ve seen organic turkey jerky everywhere since you’ve been gone. Hope you found some! Chris is right here and wants me to tell you he misses you too.

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