We all have a Black Rock…

This is the first time in the history of our family’s homeschooling in which we’ve taken more than a month off, and it was not intended. By taking time “off”, I mean we are not following a program in which one skill is building upon another, but instead I have them doing review activities and we […]

I know how I feel

Boy, it feels like a lifetime since I’ve written anything. We are busy beyond belief getting ready for the move and it’s exhausting. I’ve been falling asleep sitting up at the table working, just to give an example of how incredibly tired I am. In addition to that I’ve had some feelings that I just […]

Atheists are okay

Whenever a big change is happening in my life, I get a little sad, maybe even depressed. Chris and I are flying out tonight to see our new home, his new office, and the town we’ll raise our family in, so that will be a nice little pick me up. For the last couple of days […]

Weeding my garden

As I examine the last several years of my life, fear is a common thread weaved through my decisions and my feelings. The feeling of fear and anxiety, they go hand in hand, is immobilizing and I began to notice just how crippled I’d become since I was a younger version of myself. Birthdays have […]


It’s official, we’re moving to Missouri! My husband is being offered a job there and we’ve got a house. We’re going to live in his Grandma’s old home. My goal is to get it fixed up and invest in the home since I plan on raising my children there for the rest of their childhood. We plan to plant a garden […]