It’s official, we’re moving to Missouri! My husband is being offered a job there and we’ve got a house. We’re going to live in his Grandma’s old home. My goal is to get it fixed up and invest in the home since I plan on raising my children there for the rest of their childhood. We plan to plant a garden on the quarter acre yard, complete with a compost. The home is on somewhat of a cul de sac so the kids won’t have a ton of traffic to worry about when they ride their bikes. And the seasons, boy have I missed having a fall and spring that last more than a week. My children will see and play in snow and our Christmas will be cold, and maybe white. We may actually get to use my chiminea I’ve owned for a few years and only used a couple  of times and I’m sure we’ll have our fireplaces going often, Chris said there are 2 of them. It looks like all the pieces are in place to move forward.

I have been an east coast girl most of my life, with about a year or so on the west coast. Although excited for the move, I am going to miss Florida more than I thought I would. I began telling my hubby about a year ago that I would love to live somewhere that snows and I was done with Florida. I moved here when I was 19, scared, sick, and with so much to learn. I had met the Lord 2 years earlier, but fell away from Him due to not knowing any other Christians. When I moved down here I lived a hard life at first, with some dangerous people. I know I am lucky to be alive. I met my biological father and found that I like my real Dad, the man who raised me as his own and adopted me as his daughter, a whole lot better. I became a mother and I fell in love with Jesus after moving from Daytona Beach to Orlando. My children were all born here and I found a husband who couldn’t be more suited to me, while living in Florida. I joined a church and they allowed me to write and put together some curriculum for the preschoolers and speak messages behind the pulpit to the youth. I am forever grateful to Celebration Church. I was given practical experience that I could not have gained in a classroom, when given the opportunity to work for the children’s and the youth pastor. Thank you Autumn and Sean.

Living in Florida I let go of guilt, rage, being silenced, feeling hostile and angry. I did this when I died with Christ. I met people who loved me when I was ugly, even though they didn’t know me that well. I learned to lose, even when I want to win. I found healing from confusion and pain I had been living with for so much of my life, thank you Sisters.

So, we’re moving forward, heading out west in just a couple of weeks. I get one last birthday with my family as I turn 32 on the 10th. The company is moving us, so I don’t have to pack, I only have to concern myself with cleaning and organizing how I want my home packed. I need to find all new doctors, which is the plan for today, and let my current doctors know I’ll be leaving. We have our church that we want to say goodbye to and so I’ll have to see if I can organize a breakfast or something. We are looking into finding others in Missourri who are infatuated with an indwelling Lord and hopeful that the Lord will lead us to a great group of folks we can love and express Him with. If you all, my faithful readers, can think of anything else I need to do before a move, let me know.

And of course I can’t write a blog without mentioning our homeschool! One of the studies that excites me the most this year will be our nature studies. We will have a whole new terrain and land to explore. When my kids are asked to paint something of the four seasons, it won’t all look the same. My mother in law was a teacher and so she knows all the good free places to bring a child for culture and education within a 4 hour radius. Not kidding. Chris and I were talking about his parents last night and their concerns that we are not doing “school at home”. In living much closer to them we hope to expose them to what homeschooling is really about and help them to see that Charlotte Mason, my mentor if only through books, was actually a teacher.

We won’t be going back to his old life by moving out west, we’ll be starting a new one with our current convictions. I have a fun year planned with a business plan and a homeschool plan. It’ll be exciting executing both. I’ll be sure to blog our journey along the way.

Thanks for reading!




4 thoughts on “Moving

  1. 😦 It’s so sad to see you all leave, especially since I’m not there in person to say goodbye…but it’s cool to know that I now have family in Missouri I can visit. Gives me an excuse to travel a little further west! The Lord be with you guys as you take the next big step in your journey with/for him!

    • Thanks Diane! It’s exciting! I have never lived more than an hour (or 2) awway from the beach so it will be really sad, but Chris said that just means we’ll have to take more cruises. 🙂 I will keep you updated as I plan to blog a lot when we get there. Love you!

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