Beginning with Burnout

We started our official school year this week. As usual I began with a very schoolish, forceful gusto. It only took a day this time to remember, to realize, to be awakened to the flow of our school style. The first couple of years we didn’t take breaks. Last year we took a 3 week break and this year we took a 3 month break due to stress and the move, and the boys being done with their books early. The 3 month break is obviously much harder to come back from. We are beginning our 5th year homeschooling. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long.

I want to take a few moments to write about what’s on my heart pertaining to homeschooling, wholeheartedly. It’s hard right now. We have only just began and already I am tired. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the move and everything we just went through. The ebb and flow that takes place in our lives naturally is what we stick to in our homeschool as well. There are times when we crack down and get to work on drills and review, there are inspirational times when we are unit study people and there are times when we don’t follow a typical schedule. As long as the learning is consistent, we move with the natural flow of our children and our lives. Well, right now the natural flow is… needing rest. I have decided that we are going to get back into our family’s groove and not start off the year with so much force.

The Lord allows for a certain amount of trial to be had in order that I trust Him in this. I am not homeschooling because I want to right now. In fact, I don’t. But in my time with Him I am reinforced with the conviction that this is what we are to be doing. It’s not easy, it’s not pleasant right now, and it takes real effort and cooperation on the entire family, but it’s where the Lord has us right now. And I know that there will be a time again when I am refreshed and up to being more excited and “into” the daily learning. And even if that day never comes, which it’s my passion so I am sure it will, but even if it never comes, I will still do what I know the Lord has laid out for us. We have followed Him outwardly and turned to Him inwardly in our journey for the last several years and He has never failed us. There were times when I thought that I would be lost forever, but He has never let that happen. This hardship I feel right now is all for His glory so that I may turn inward to Him, just so I can get through this time.

He is a good God. I am feeling a little better after writing this and looking forward to the lesson plans laid out for the week. Thank you for reading.



p.s. Thank you for the comments and messages, especially yesterday. Chris and I plan on responding to everyone in the next few days.


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