An elusive One

In our homeschool we are doing the first unit of Weaver, with the current scripture being about Christ and the parable He gave about building our house on the rock. And of course the house is our lives and the rock is Christ. And as we learned about the 3 types of rocks I found it interesting that they only become what they are meant to become when forced and squeezed together with other minerals, or over lots of time when water flows through and over and under the minerals, or when put through intense pressure or heat, such as magma.

Have I become any of these rocks yet? Sure. As we read on in one of the geology books I learned something new about rocks. They never stay the same rock forever. All three types of rocks are evolving into other types of rocks all the time. In trying to find my footing in the new town, in my new life, I am no longer looking for replicas of what I used to do. Before the move I was excited to spend the afternoon with the kids doing outdoor activities and more science experiments and art projects instead of going to the gym, for example. But now that we’re here and we are getting settled in, I am a little nervous about not having a gym to go to. I don’t want to lose muscle and I enjoyed having peaceful showers after an hour long mind clearing work out. I miss the gym and thought about finding another one just like it, because times are a little tough right now. Instead I am choosing to find ways to stay lean, keep muscle, and spend the afternoon with my kids like I said I would.

Chris and I had found a wonderful expression of Christ in Gainesville. And I thought there is no way we could ever find that here. But Christ will never leave us or forsake us and we are going to express Him and we will not be left on our own, it just won’t look at all like it did before. Just like with the rocks and minerals, we are evolving and changing with the weathering that is Christ.

Right now there is a new life that is being built here in the middle of the country and it looks like nothing I have ever experienced before. Instead of fighting the change and trying to do things that resemble the life I left, I am going to embrace the newness of this day. I am going to seek Him here, in the now. I am going to follow through on my resolve to spend more time with my kids in the afternoon. I am going to allow Christ to flow out of the family life I have here. My husband and I get to see each other all the time now! That has to be pleasing to my Lord. The kids and myself are beginning each day with Him, and I am using Weaver as a guide. I am no guilt or shame of being religious because I abandoned those religious practices over 2 years ago. We use the curriculum as a jumping off point for sharing Christ because the author did a great job writing the devotion. And then to top it off we get to spend the rest of the day fleshing it out. Yesterday after learning about Christ as our rock, we did all sorts of cool things with rocks that involved safety glasses. Some rocks were the same on the inside as they were on the outside. Some rocks were totally different on the inside. How’s that for a great lesson inside another great lesson?

I’ve known for a while that Christ is elusive, I will never find Him in the same way, doing the same things I used to do. Although He never changes, He is so vast that He is new all the time. I used to look for Him in different ways and different places, but as long as my practical life was in order, it was no sweat. Now that I have left everything I have ever known and come to a place that is a little strange, I am truly learning what it means to seek Him out in new places and new ways. It’s a metaphor, but I am learning that it’s also very practical.

As we begin our morning with Weaver and all of it’s richness in Christ I am glad to report to you that I am happy today. I am happy for the life going on inside of Christ and glad for the eyes that are able to see Him. Thanks for reading!




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