American Reunion

Last night we rented a movie. American Reunion. Why such a silly movie? Chris and I were the same age as the characters back when the original American Pie movie came out. Chris was a part of the same fictitious graduating year as the characters. The movies were a cult classic and I remember them being a little lame, but kinda’ funny. My husband was all up for watching it in bed, which is one of my favorite things to do late at night, but not his. I needed something familiar.

We watched the movie which made us laugh histerically during some parts and cover our eyes during others. It’s neat to see all the changes that the characters went through and now we are all in the very difficult stage of raising families and sustaining strong marriages. Although at a different place, everything felt familiar. The simple act of doing this super comfortable thing made me feel at home here for the first time. The further I get from unpacking and deep cleaning, the more this feels like a place I could live in forever. Today we have a date with another homeschool family to meet at a nature park and tommorrow I get to grocery shop at a Whole Foods (as the tune “it’s gettin’ real in the Whole Foods parkin’ lot” plays in my head) so things are looking up.

Our first week of homeschooling back from vacation is just about over, and I feel a little more comfortable with it. I was really nervous because we are in a new state that requires me to record hours, in case I need them in court, which apparently is a real problem here. There aren’t as many homeschoolers here as there are in Florida. Using a unit study as our main guide is a little tricky when it comes to recording hours. We need 1000 hours per year, with 600 being in the main 4, math, language arts, history, and science. As with everything else in parenting, homeschooling for us, is all about forming habits. If the kids can form good learning habits out of discipline, I can form good grading and recording habits too. Chris has encouraged me to take time each night while he gets the kids ready for bed, so I can stay on top of all the journaling and record keeping. Soon it will be second nature and I’ll be able to do it as we go. My new friend has 5 kids and one on the way and she homeschools all of them. Her oldest is 14 so she’s been doing this a long time and seems very at ease about it. At the very least it’s good practice for high school when I’ll need to keep transcripts. It used to be that I never thought I would homeschool through high school, but it’s a lifestyle. Our reasons for homeschooling are deep, they are more than reasons, they are convictions and they won’t stop once the child has a certain birthday. So I will need to learn how to keep impeccable records. My oldest wants to go to college for sure and Chris and I will help get him there.

Tommorrow I want to write more about homeschooling, so good bye for now and thanks for reading,




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