My diet made me sick

Woke up this morning with a bad cold and an earache, one week before our big trip. The name of the game for the next 7 days is getting better. I have no one to blame but myself. I don’t drink enough water, stay up really late get and get up early, and wearing myself thin. I don’t want to sleep my vacation away so I am going to sleep and rest as much as I can this next week. I hope it works.

In addition to resting, my goal is to cut out the sugar. When I get back from Florida, I plan on eating a new diet. I have noticed a lot of symptoms that are similar to a bowel disease and some scary things are happening to my body. All of my research (I have an MD in googling) has led me to the candida diet as an answer. So I ordered a Candida Diet Bible and a cookbook. Usually when I get a book I put the kids to bed early and spend all night reading. This time I have just had them sitting on a shelf. I am not excited about the diet, beginning with a colonix colon cleanse. I am not doing this diet just because I want to be healthier, but out of necessity. When my symptoms flare up I am in so much pain and no amount of medicine takes it away, it actually makes my stomach pain worse. I know a couple who did this diet, and although difficult, raved the benefits of eating this way. The woman in the couple had the glowing youthful skin of a twenty year old. I’m looking forward to that.

It used to be so easy to keep thin and healthy. As our bodies age, what was once invincible becomes fragile to all sorts of allergies and weight gain, and illnesses. I know that the Lord did not intend for me to be taking so many meds and dealing with issue on top of issue at only 32 years old. I could list all the problems and all the meds, but it doesn’t matter. Most Americans are struggling to stay healthy, with one out of every two people getting cancer in their lifetime. And it takes more than just eating organic and getting water filters. For several years now we have cut out GMO’s, don’t drink cow’s milk or anything that’s been bleached- sugar, flour, or salt, eat organically, put filters on the shower heads, and have had a two stage filter mounted underneath our kitchen faucet. I cook with super duper healthy ingredients and make our food from scratch. It’s all very healthy, and a little pretentious. So why do I need a special diet? Well, it’s all the garbage I add in. Caffiene, sugar (I am addicted to candy and have to eat a lot of it to satisfy the craving), and medication (which unfortunately some of it can’t be cut out, but some can).

When I get home, I’ll be refreshed and ready for a new start. I plan on reading my candida books on the beach- one of them is HUGE- and will have plenty of time to look through the recipes in the cook book and become familiar with what’s good and what’s not. I hope to come back with a new mindset and I am already beginning to look at life through a new lense. While our bodies will pass away and are not as important as what’s inside, I owe it to my family to become and stay healthy. When God created us, He gave us everything we needed to live without disease, skin conditions, allergies, and pain. Most people would be amazed at what vitamins can do for us if we ate them in their purest forms, from food grown in rich composted soil. We wouldn’t need things like sunscreen. Even now, if we spray a vitamin E on our skin consistently it acts like a sunscreen. Our family has done it. The only thing is, food and even home-made sunscreen go bad rather quickly compared to process material. All we need to do is turn back time and begin life with the whole foods God gave us and nothing more, and since we can’t do that I am going to have to try to get to my healthiest state with special diets.

The good news is that my children have started their lives with all the health available to them. Twenty years ago we didn’t have all the health information that we have now, available to us. I may be a mess, but they are getting a good start. My oldest son suffers from a leaky gut and super hyperactivity, due to ADHD if he doesn’t eat a proper diet. It becomes embarrassing and cuts down his self-confidence when he has an accident because I didn’t feed him the healthy foods that prevent that from happening. My middle child does well on the gluten free casein free diet, but unfortunately I can’t afford to keep him completely GFCF. Still, the less garbage I give him, the better he does so I do the best I can for him.

As I go off to lay on the couch and watch cartoons with the kids (because my body won’t do anything else today) I am trying to get excited about getting healthy. I’ll try to blog my way through the journey and hopefully will get some feedback from others on the Candida diet as I need all the help I can get.

Thanks for reading.




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