Rest in Him Melody

What a beautiful morning! I want to begin today by sharing with you about a sweet lady I knew. She was a part of the homeschooling community I was involved in last year. Her Name is Melody and she was a natural health enthusiast and fellow homeschooler, obviously. She also spearheaded the Christmas giving ministry. She had a personality as alive and wild as her curly red hair and one of the easiest people in the world to talk to. She recently passed away after a very quick battle with cancer. It came and she was gone so quickly, but I won’t forget her and neither will a lot of other people.

In light of hearing the sad news, I can’t help but wonder how her husband and children are going to go on. Chris and I have talked a lot about what would happen if I died. Serious subject, serious blog today. How would we continue our lifestyle with only one parent? I would want him to remarry right away- preferrably a homeschool mom. Homeschooling is so important to us and I would hope that he would find a way to continue. I remember thinking about this a few years ago and wondering if there was some sort of organization for families who want or need to homeschool but couldn’t. I wondered if the families already homeschooling could be joined with other homeschooling families who lose a parent or who have to both work due to financial needs.

The thing is, public school wouldn’t be the end of the world. I went to public school, but was suspended, sent to special school, kicked out of there, then went to an even more special school. I graduated young and even with all that drama I love to learn. Hopefully I turned out okay. School exists so that people can become educated, but so much more happens there. School is an institution and as adults we can navigate institutions successfully, but can children? I think my boys would be eaten alive, they are such little nerds. My oldest is a little insecure and he is loved on and encouraged to be his unique little self at home. If he were to go to school, I am not sure he would let go of those insecurities. My middle child is slow to speak and slow to read, but we are making great progress working one-on-one. I don’t know that he wouldn’t slip through the cracks or be put in remedial classes. He doesn’t need remedial classes- he’s almost through first grade math and can bake bread by himself, but I do all the handling of hot pans.He just is not ready to full-on read yet. And I am convinced that not all kids begin to read on the same day, in the same week, of the same age. And if my son is not ready on a different day of a different year, I am not okay with remedial classes. I am certain it’s better to take our time to learn to read, rather than to rush the process. So you see, I don’t have a problem with public school. In order to make the whole system work, they need to have a schedule and a solution for children who don’t work on schedule. I think the system is the best they could do with such a large amount of students, but I just don’t want mine to be a part of it.

As a Christian, a woman who has a relationship with a living Christ, I am hoping that my children will one day have a relationship with Him too. I hope that they accept Him and allow Him to make a home in their hearts. I am sure that there are children who go to school who have Christ in their hearts. I know it. My hope would be that my kids would be able to stay at home and able to fellowship with their Dad and me, so that they may know Him through us. When we stepped out of the institutional church as a family, it was freeing and amazing. When we began knowing Christ organically, we were no better than those in the church buildings, but we had found a fit and couldn’t go back. That’s how we feel about the boys and their education. We have tasted both- public school, when we went as kids, and homeschool for our children, and we know what’s best for our family.

I have written many times that I have a belief in keeping my children close for most of their youth. Call it over-protective, but I’m not concerned with how it may look. My children are not ready, nor are they interested in going to school every day. They like being at home, we’ve talked about it many times. I like having them under the shadow of my wings and I love that we are all together when the have struggles and challenges in their learning, because then I can guide them through with patience and time, only through Christ. Speaking of patience, I don’t have a lot. In fact, I have very little of it. God did not give me an abundance of patience and I did not think “hmmm, what should I do with all this patience? I think I’ll use it to homeschool!” It has been homeschooling that Christ has used in order to show me how to be a patient mom and educator.

If I were still in Gainesville I would offer my help to the White family. I would put myself in her shoes and know that she wanted a certain upbringing for her kids and now she is not able to bring them up in that way. It breaks my heart and I would do for her what I hope someone would do for Chris and I if needed some day. She had only a few months to figure out a plan and several of those months were spent out of state fighting the cancer. It happened quickly.

Thankfully, there is a system in place and so her children will not be left without an education should no one be able to homeschool her children. And if that is the case, then the Lord is in that too. It’s what works best in His plan, though I don’t understand why or how. I am grateful for the men and women, some of whom are my friends, who have devoted their education to teach children how to read, write, and learn their math. I am grateful that our country has a back up plan for families who can’t or don’t want to teach their kids at home. I hope that my children are able to homeschool all the way up to Hardvard, but if not I know that public school will get them there too, it just will be a little tougher.

Thank you for reading. It’s a little emotional for me to write today so I hope I wasn’t all over the board with my topics. Home education was near and dear to Melody’s heart and I hope that it all works out for the glory of our Lord. I know nothing would please her more.




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