This weekend was the end of busy “me”. I had so many fun educational activities planned, just like the previous weekend. We have had the calendar filled as I have been energetic and excited about all the wonderful free events going on for children. We live in a very “artsy” town. There are galleries and […]

Rowing and Weaving

We did it. We finally caved and invested in Five in a Row for the kids. Five in a Row is a mom-intensive reading/arts-and-crafts/ basically as-fun-as-it-gets book list and manual full of ways to get the most out of the books. It is used as a full curriculum, a supplement to a curriculum (how we […]

In Him

The Lord gives and takes away. It’s true, it’s in the Word and the Word is Christ Himself, where my faith in it’s authenticity rests. He doesn’t just take away the things we think are “bad”, He can take away what we believe is “good” as well. It calms me and revives me when I […]

Avoid these moms like the black plague, or like a vaccine

A couple of days ago I read an article meant for entertainment purposes. The title was “10 Mothers You Should Avoid at the Park”. Some of it was funny, some didn’t make sense, and then some of the comments the readers left were just plain old mean. In each of the 10 categories I saw […]

a whole new list

My children are at home with me everyday. We have various activities, lessons, experiments, books, and chores to do each of those days. Every so often I like to write down what our goals are so the days don’t blend into one another and we¬†stay on some language arts, spelling, or math curriculum writer’s path […]

Don’t be mean

There’s a matter on my heart that I would love to blog about, but it’s a little touchy. Bear with me as I have been sitting on it for days and am writing it in love. I have searched my heart and hopefully this doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, because I am being honest with the […]