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Ignorance is bliss. I don’t think so…

Ignorance can hurt people. I am not feeling well at all today, physically, and I think I may have strep throat. So as I write keep in mind that I am feeling a bit down to begin with. As most of you know, I take medication and it’s prescription. I am an all-natural kind of girl, complete with the annual colon cleanse and dye-free MSG-free food in my pantry. But, in this imperfect world I am stuck inside this imperfect body. Fortunately, there are medications made specifically for my injury. I don’r know what I would do if medication didn’t exist. The downside to medicine is it’s over usage, medicine is over prescribed and over used and abused. People abuse it to get high, to numb pain, to feel better emotionally. This blog is not about those people or those issues. This blog is about legit, could-not-get-out-of-bed-if-I-didn’t-have-it-medication, given for diabetes, nasty infections, seizure disorders, endometriosis, and psychosis, just to name a few off the top of my head. I happen to deal with issues that require medication.

When we take medicine which is needed, due to our faulty, fallen world, something happens. We become dependant on it. We have a medication dependence. There are still those in the world who feel that a medication dependence is the same thing as a pill addiction. It is not the same thing. I have seen what an addiction looks like and it is very, very different from dependence. In order to spread a little bit of light, life, and wisdom and to try and squash some ignorance out “there”, here is a short description of the two.

An addiction to something, anything, draws people to a series of behaviors in order to get what they need. Addicts will lie if they can not get their drug. Addicts will use in private, such as binge eating when no one is around or sneaking porn when the spouse is gone. Addicts will steal and borrow money in order to gamble, use drugs, or whatever. Addiction causes people to behave in ways that cause shame. I have never met an addict who at one time or another did not cross a line in the sand they drew for themselves. I’ve met many addicted people. I have also never met an addict who was not embarrassed, and who did not try to conceal what they do. The world of addiction is a horrible place for a person to live.

As a person who needs medicine to live each day and move around and care for my kids, I have asked my doctor what would happen if the Lord miraculously healed me? Would I feel any discomfort if I stopped taking the medication? The answer was an absolute yes. Even my pharmacist went out of his way to get me my medicine when my Dr. office was closed and there was a discrepancy in the written prescription. He did not want bad things to happen to me. When I was first told the doctor wrote the script wrong, I was fine with it. I was ready to walk out and come back on Monday morning and just go without my meds for the weekend. That is NOT addiction. When the Pharmacist stopped me from leaving and said he wouldn’t let me get sick due to not having the medicine, he explained tolerance to the drug and dependence to the drug and what that means for me. I would have had seizures that night had I not taken my anti-seizure medicine. Also, I have adhesions that twist and tear and pull everytime I get up and sit down. I am given medicine, which does not cause euphoria, in order to deal with this injury. Maybe this is too personal to hare, but I’m really not embarrassed by it.

There seems to be a stigma attached to a medication that’s taken for pain, even if it’s not a narcotic, like the typical ones people abuse. A shot was taken at me yesterday in which I was referred to as an addict by someone who should know better. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t even really care. I know that when we judge others it’s a reflection of what’s in our own hearts. I felt bad for the issues that must have been plaguing this person, but felt like I also needed to make a joke of it in order to keep from getting hurt over ignorance. My husband, on the other hand, was not having it. I have never seen him stand up for me the way he did yesterday. He used wisdom, truth, and guarded himself against manipulation as he defended my situation. I have a long life ahead of me and I will be spending most of it in severe pain. I don’t feel sorry for myself, and I’m prepared to be met with ignorance by those who come into my life, but I’m thankful for my husband’s support.

I am typing this today in order to write-it-out, but also because I want those who may not know the difference, to know. A person who needs to take medication on a regular basis is not a pill addict. Someone who abuses the medication and takes it for reasons not prescribed, is a pill addict. An addiction begins in the mind and affects the habits and the body. Just because I need my medicine in order to keep bad things from happening,doesn’t make me a pill addict.

Ignorance needs to end on this topic. I would never tell someone who takes a handful of anti-depressants that they don’t need their meds or that they are addicts. I don’t know what their deal is so I don’t take shots.

Thank you for reading today and I hope I didn’t bum you out, but I needed to write this.




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