Christ is the Word

Last night my husband and myself went to a class taught by a pastor. We had been told it was the “deep end of the pool” and we were excited for the stimulation. I had this need for a time of teaching. I can’t explain it. As told, the hour long Bible study was deep, but so much was missing. The best parts of Christ (Who is the Word) was missing from the night.

It’s not so hard to give love and glory and devotion, admiration, and the list goes, to my Lord Jesus Christ. But I would not hesitate to admit that sometimes I forget about the beautiful Bride, the one He lived a perfect life and died for. We are His Bride because He has placed a piece of Himself within every one of His people, His Church. We make up a being who was hidden in Him from the beginning of time. This may shock some, but there was a time I did not read the Holy Scriptures. The reason? I wanted to know the Christ who lived in me and in others. I wanted to know the Christ who is alive, a living Person. I didn’t want to read stories and seek Him out in them, I had done that for ten years. I just wanted Him in the most raw and natural form. In Ephesians Paul prays that the hearts of their eyes would be opened so that they would know. Not know what, but know Who. What I have learned through practical and intense times of teaching, is that the early Christians didn’t have Scripture, only the super religious and chosen few actually had the old testament scrolls. They, the first Christians, became a Church on the Person of Christ and with each other. Paul sent them a few letters with practical teaching, but all they had was Christ and each other. My entire foundation is built on the same Person and with the same Bride, His Bride.

An author whom I love and respect greatly calls the Bible a great book of love stories. Everything in it points to the 1)coming of Christ, or 2)the Christ Who is alive today. I don’t want to hear stories about people and what they were thinking and doing, unless it points to Christ. The only way for me to read the Bible and study it is to find Him in it and let it lead to more of Him.

I want to share with you an analogy I heard at a conference once. Let’s say I wanted to go to Disney World. I am in my minivan with the family and we are all packed up and excited to go. As we get closer to Florida we begin seeing signs for Disney World. Yay, we’re almost there! So the closer we get we are really getting excited and basically hopping in our seats to finally get there. We are about 2 hours away from the actual park and we see one of those great big colorful billboard signs again and it says “Disney World, 100 more miles”. We pull over under the sign and we get out and begin to cheer that we’ve made it! That’s what it’s like for me to read the Word and stop there, stop at the stories. I want to read them, and then I want Christ to be seen in a new and fresh way in all the mirrors, types, and shadows that is the written Word.

The point is, Christ is the destination. Signs are wonderful and they point us to our destination, but Christ is the destination. Christ is so great, so big, so vast, that when I am done with Him (which will be never) I will get to the other stuff.

The Church is not a man made entity. We are a many member organism who was taken from inside of Christ and placed on the earth. We came out of the second Adam the way Eve came out of the first Adam’s side. The Bride is not a group of people who said some forced, rote collection of words and then began coming to a service, although that’s how it usually starts in today’s church buildings, or in my case, rehab. It is Christ’s resurrection which saves us and the minute that revelation has been made known to us, we are born into His family, we are made part of His Bride.

I don’t want to go deeper into anything other than Christ. I don’t want to go deep into a story unless it’s to search Him out and express and accept Him. Next time I am needing a time of teaching I should probably read a book from an author who has explored Christ and the teaching comes from that time, not a billboard.

Thank you for reading.




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