Socialization, and what you may not know about it.

When we became a homeschooling family, we found ourselves out and about in the community almost on a daily basis. People saw that I had school aged children with me and many reacted as if my kids were abused, lonely, shut-ins. “But what about socialization?” became the question of the day, everyday. Everyone became so concerned […]

being careful about Who I am looking at

Thanksgiving is over and my family went back to Florida. I even miss the tiny dog my Mom dresses in people clothes. Ah well, Christmas is coming up and we are spending the great holiday in our new home for the first time. Yesterday we had a bit of snowfall and kept a fire going all […]

Whole Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul

More than ever before, today there is a desire for the truth when it comes to health. We want to find out how to live without drugs. There has to be a way, right? People long ago lived to be over a hundred, many of them. How did people lived before there were two pharmacies on […]

peer influence

Tonight I thought a lot about my children and their social needs. We homeschool and my kids do not have peer based relationships. I am not only aware of this fact, but I have orchestrated it intentionally. My kids are very precious (obviously) and I am not going to send them to learn socialization in a forced, […]