Blue skies ahead!

A couple of months ago a family member of mine had a cancer scare. A mass was found. I was stunned and could barely speak to my kids for 2 days because they weren’t to know. And if I opened my mouth I would have begun to cry. Weeks later the results were in and it was not cancer. My life went on.

Something interesting happened during that time. Had the results come back positive for the big C, I would have flown back home and been a personal chef and holistic health overseer. In dealing with some of my own health issues I have been able to cleanse my body of many sicknesses using non-prescription methods. Don’t get me wrong, I have little orange bottles with white caps in my medicine cabinet because some problems require medication from a pharmacy. My main belief is that there are many illnesses today, including cancer, which are made worse because the natural healthy God-given raw healing herbs are overlooked for the chemical route. If you believe that herbs are ineffective, I would suggest to you that some of the most commonly prescribed medicines come from plants and flowers before they are altered chemically.

When I got off of drugs for good I began a two-year pharmacy technician course. I was so excited to be going back to school after having to drop out of cosmetology school years earlier. Although I became pregnant with my oldest son I still graduated. I still got my pharmacy technician certificate. It was such a proud moment in my life because I almost didn’t make it. 

I did not become a pharmacy technician because I had a new baby and I did not want to begin a new career or work full-time. But there are many of the classes which stuck with me. Primarily, the classes which pertained to chemotherapy. I was so interested in those lessons! I had some medical knowledge and although I didn’t do anything with that, I still have an intense desire to help others who are sick. I have some problems right now that I am attempting to deal with in a safe, yet herbal fashion. The middle shelf in my refrigerator looks like the cold section of Whole Food’s vitamin isle. As I attempt to slowly come off of prescription pills, I am increasing the strength of my immune system, my digestive tract (which is extremely important in overall health), and lowering the level toxins in my blood. So far the results are looking good.

In addition, my diet is extremely limited and healthful. Lots of organic fruits and veggies, lots of FILTERED water (water that is not filtered should not be consumed by those who are sick, or anyone else really; there is chlorine, flouride-which is good for the teeth and not the belly- rust, and perchlorate(rocket fuel) in unfiltered water). The Worldwatch Institute declared that toxic chemicals from hazardous liquid waste are contaminating much of the ground water in the U.S. 34 billion liters of solvents, heavy metals, and radioactive materials per year are leaked into our drinking water.

Juicing is key and fasting is good if you don’t have problems with it- I get confused and can’t function, like drive a car or work an oven- when I miss a meal so I can’t fast as of now. But it’s good and my body gets the break from digesting food when I sleep so I am thankful for that.

Recently, one of my husband’s parents had a health issue that was baffling doctors. It was a system of the body in which I am very familiar with. I wrote a paper, a plan that I put together and was confident would make this person’s health better. Either alone or in addition to whatever meds the doc felt were important. I am not a lone ranger in that I have some of the best and most up to date books on the subject and I am constantly referencing them. I try not to insert my opinion, but just give the facts. This family member was open to hearing what we had to share which we will do soon. Hey, you can’t argue with Eastern medicine… it’s been around for thousands of more years than Western medicine and works a heck of a lot better when dealing with certain illnesses.

I realized the other day, after spending hours researching my relatives problem and writing a very long paper on how the body works and how the natural and raw enzymes and probiotics work, that I am really, greatly, exceedingly interested and “into” holistic health. I want to become certified so that there is weight behind my words. I want to learn more so that if there is ever a time when someone I love is looking cancer, or any other illness, in the eye, I can come alongside their medical professional and work with them.

There is a particular college that I have had my eye on for about 2 years now in which I could earn my Bachelor’s degree in holistic health. Chris and I talked about it last year and we decided to wait. I ran it by my mom and she thought it was great. The only problem is that I don’t know if I will be overwhelmed with homeschooling and being a student myself. I know a Mom who does it and makes it look easy, even though she works hard to make it all work. But I don’t want to fail or waste our money so I need to be sure I can handle the workload. My family deserves a mom who is of sound mind, not a mom and wife who is constantly stressed out. Can I be that mom?

The answer is yes. I can. There is a certificate program for Nutritional Health that I could complete in one year. This certificate can be rolled over into a four-year Bachelor degree. So it’s kind of like I get a trial period. When I sat down last Saturday and wrote that paper it took me hours and hours and I loved every minute of it! But, should I find school too hard right now, I will have a certification to help others as a dietician, mainly my family. And I will not be forced to drop out of anything. 

When will this happen? I have faith in my body’s ability to heal itself from damage I have caused over the years. It’s happening now. Once I am doing better, medically (I am not dying or anything, although there are some issues keeping me from calling myself healthy), I will pursue enrolling in this school of natural medicine. I am looking at the springtime, which awesomely also happens to be tax refund time… which we will need to pay for part of it. I am doing better and better in my book sales and so that will surely help, but I will need to take a break from being a book lady in order to do this so I won’t be able to count on that to make the payments. 

Yay! I am stoked! There were so many times I questioned doing this. I just never knew if the timing was right. I am confident that the “right” time is just around the corner. For months last year I talked my friend’s ear off (the one who homeschools and goes to college) about what I should do and I’m sure I drove her crazy. I drove myself crazy, because I just did not know what to do. In the end, last year was not the right time. This year was not the either. God willing, next year will be! Keep a look out guys. One day soon I’ll be posting about my new title as a student!

Thanks for reading, have a happy and healthy week!




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