Whole Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul

More than ever before, today there is a desire for the truth when it comes to health. We want to find out how to live without drugs. There has to be a way, right? People long ago lived to be over a hundred, many of them. How did people lived before there were two pharmacies on every corner? The answer is in the way the Lord has fashioned us together. He created us to produce the “drugs” we need to survive in a healthful way, and just incase we messed it all up, he created an earth full of remedies. And we can pick them right out of the ground, we don’t need a lab to alter them. 

There are so many questions and the ones I began asking a few years ago are the ones I am going to mention today. Where do I begin? Wanting to change is the first step. I began hearing stories of people who were healed of cancer after doctors sent them home with a death sentence. I met people who lived in ways which interested me. So I learned from them. They didn’t buy food from the middle of the grocery store, they only made their families meals from organic and grass-fed, antibiotic free meats, organic fruits and vegetables, almond and coconut milks, and very little organic cheese. I learned ways to use nuts and seeds in everyday food. I learned how to cook and eat unprocessed meals.

Organic, unadulterated whole foods have formed the basis of the human diet through the ages. Only in the twentieth century did we begin to be subjected to countless man-made chemicals in food and in the environment. Choosing organic foods whenever possible is the nearest we can get to eating a pure diet today and eating raw, organic food is the most natural and beneficial way to take food into the body.

From there I looked into probiotic and enzymes, vitamins B,C,D,E, and minerals. What I discovered is that if you buy these products at the pharmacy, they are not only inefficient, but they are not good for you. When I was a young adult I began taking vitamins from the drug store. I would hear about a new “something” that was good for me and go out and buy a chemically made version of that vitamin. The truth is, our bodies need the real vitamin, which can only come from food or live vitamins made from companies like Garden of Life and Colonix, among many others. I received this information from my son’s pediatrician, and from there went on to read a few books on vitamins and minerals as a supplement to our diets. I learned that I only need to take a vitamin or mineral if I am deficient. I take probiotic and enzymes on a regular basis. I drink senna tea and kratom tea for specific ailments that affect my daily life. And recently I learned from my doctor that I need more vitamin D, so I am supplementing Vitamin D. That’s how it’s supposed to work. We are not supposed to walk through the vitamin isle and buy everything we think we’ve heard can be good for the body. It’ll do more harm than good.

When it comes to juicing, fasting, and cleansing, we should listen to our bodies before beginning any of them. Certain symptoms are caused by an over abundance of foods we eat. I have done cleansing diets, with gluten being a very important one. I notice skin disorders, depression, and extreme fatigue when I have not done a gluten cleanse in a while.  Our distant ancestors ate almost no gluten grains. The American continent had no gluten grains until they were introduced a few hundred years ago. Everyone has a grain-sensitivity if they eat the normal American diet. Avoiding gluten for a time in order to cleanse is what makes me feel better. One of my children has noticeable behavioral differences when he doesn’t eat gluten. It’s amazing the control he has over his temperament and his moods. Not to be stereotypical, but he is on the mild end of the autism spectrum and when his gut isn’t fighting to recover from gluten and casein proteins, he is able to handle the symptoms of autism much better.

The human race is digging its own grave with a knife and fork, choosing high-sugar, high-fat, highly processed, and synthetic food. The good news is that people are awakening to this fact and we are beginning to do something about it. Our generation and future generations have something past generations did not, a holistic health care community willing to work with doctors, or alone in their own practices. We are finding our way back to whole foods and viewing the body as a whole organism, not just pieces. When the belly hurts, the whole body needs to get treated. We are moving out of the “band-aid” healthcare era in which our organs and parts are separated. Thank God.

We are responsible and capable of feeling more than just “all right”. I am so excited to begin my journey in becoming a HHP. Next year I begin working towards my BA, although within 6 months I will be certified to meet with and give professional advice to anyone seeking whole-body health care. While I only plan on using my certificate, and later degree, for personal achievement and to help myself and my friends and family, it will be a huge goal met in my life and I am very excited about it. And only the Lord knows where it will take me and who I’ll be able to help.

I hope you have a happy and healthful weekend!




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