Resolution, schmesolution

A resolution is a resolve to change. New Years resolutions usually fail and so many people don’t even bother to profess quitting or beginning typical resolution habits. Who wants to be seen smoking two days after the giant proclamation to never smoke again? The things is, I am alive in Christ and dead to the old […]

Pulling it all together

There’s been a major shift in our home lately. I could see a sort of downward spiral happening. It was hindering our homeschool and the relationship between parent and child. As I reasearched living joyfully, living free, all the while still maintaining parental guidance and protection, I have grown closer to an eclectic mix of independant […]

Fun with words

I became a student in a writing workshop. And the topic of most of the assignments involve Christian psychology. It’s a process in which I play with words and I write about the same topics over and over again in different ways. It’s spilled over into my blog and I’m ferocious with my writing lately. Some days […]

It’s not about the box, or the idea. Life is about People.

Snowday! This morning we woke up to heavy blankets of snow covering every inch of every surface outside. As I opened the front door to let my little one out I noticed the family Christmas newsletter we put a lot of time and money into got a little damp. I hope they are not ruined […]