Christ is the answer, not modern day evangelism

In spending more time with the Lord, I have found myself answering a lot of questions. Questions must be important to Him. Answering Him and myself honestly is one of the most effective ways to get where I need to go. All questions, all roads, lead to setting something of myself down, and picking up the nature of Christ.

What is a question? It’s an invitation. To talk, share, open up, or give an opinion. When we invite another person to do this we are giving them an ear to listen to, whether it’s big, like “what’s been going on lately?” Especially when we know someone isn’t doing well. Or simple, “where do you want to eat lunch today?”

The Lord began to pry me open and get to know me through a series of questions. And then questions turned into conversation. And now, me and Lord spend our time together simply listening to each other. It’s a beautiful thing that happens. And I have taken this model of communicating and use it in my own life, with people I know.

I am listening to the world right now and it’s not doing well. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that folks are hurting, but after asking questions I see that it’s deeper than I ever thought it could be. This week 600 people were turned away at the local Kansas City shelter due to lack of space. I heard this startling number on the news last night as I passed through the channel and right away I began asking myself and my husband, what can I do? Can we set up bunk beds in our basement (which is heated) and keep people from freezing to death? How many can we fit? Could we feed a large amount of people too? My husband, in his wisdom, replied that we couldn’t put our children in harm’s way. Two of our boys have a bedroom down there. And we are not equipped to feed any extra mouths right now. We are just barely feeding ourselves.

So what are the right questions to be asking? I think that it’s painfully clear that Christ is not a human need filler. He does it, but that’s not what He is. He did not live a perfect life and die a gruesome death to fill human needs. He could do that with the wave of a hand and all this would be over and we would be with Him in heaven. He could have just not created us in the first place and then there wouldn’t be such need. But He did create people, and we have the opportunity to need things and we have the option to sin. And when Christ was on earth He wasn’t running around the city frantically trying to fix people and fill needs, but rather shared Himself. I think He wanted us to understand that He was sharing a piece of Himself, and all He has with the Father and the Holy Spirit, with us. And I think that it is to be used as a model for how we live our lives, Christ lived by the Father’s life and so we live by Christ’s life. If you would like more on this there is a book called the Bible in which the New Testament explains it. Not being sarcastic, non-christians read my blog too.

So why do I often find myself wanting to run around like a chicken without a head, filling needs and fixing the human need problem? Is that advantageous to the Kingdom? I have a living Christ in me in the form of the Holy Spirit. And He does feel sadness, and He does feel pained at the human condition, but what He wants to do is share Himself with others. Not just a coat, or a blanket, but Himself.

Am I requesting that we all stop giving? Nope. Absolutely not. I will not forget those newscaster’s words. I have asked the Lord if there is anything I can do and I am waiting on His answer. He is the answer and how do I give Him to those people? What He wants from me is the patience to observe Him before anything else. So when crisis and darkness enter my peripheral vision, my first reaction isn’t to jump up and start doing unsafe, stupid things, but rather ask my Lord, “what are You doing here?”

He has seen this coming. He is not surprised by the human condition today. Based on His actions in the past, I would boldly say that He is more concerned with sharing Himself, who is the fulfillment of all need, instead of sharing things. That doesn’t mean He’s not a practical Lord and I will be waiting on an answer to my question to Him, “what can I do?”, but that’s not the end of the conversation. “How would you like me to share you and express you today?” is the next question.

I hope this post finds you warm and with all you need. I hope that the Lord is answering the questions of your heart. And I hope that the heaviness of the weight of human need is rested on Christ today.

Have a wonderful week.





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