Christ is the planbook, Christ is also the freedom

My husband left town today, for three days to go on a business trip. For that reason it doesn’t feel like a real school day. Maybe because I don’t have to start making dinner at 5:00 and I don’t have to look cute by 5:30, it feels like time doesn’t exist on its normal continuum. Technically school only lasts for a couple of hours anyway, but it seems to be the entire block of time we base our day around. Some days we get everything done and it feels like I just finished a 5k. But it’s a rare day that we stick to the plan entirely, completely, concretely. If you’ve seen the movie Brave, we follow the “wisps”. Wisps are little lights which lead us to the end, of our school day in this case. Well, today husband is gone and the day is one giant wisp… we shall follow where it takes us. And as long as we do some sort of math, writing, reading, and history/science, it’s all good. Which is no sweat, it’s pretty easy to get those in.

Sometimes the will of God is a lot like my planbook. I know the basics, what needs to get done. But very little of “my plan” is actually followed through to the end. The moral compass that is Christ is at the core of who I am so the beginning of my plans always start with the direction He’s facing. There are times when I’m aware that He’s directing me and times when I just don’t even notice. From there, from the plans, we follow the wisps. Sometimes our homeschool looks a little more like what I picture and other days, well the Lord amazes me. Just like in life, His timing is right on point and He can accomplish so much if I’m flexible enough to bend, and humbled enough to let go.

It’s okay to just let go and see what happens. I am not a big endorser of unschooling, but I don’t rule its benefits out either. The word unschooling is used many ways. I am referring to the way of life in which the parents let the children learn what they need to learn when they want to learn it. It sounds great and I know it works because we have ditched one topic in favor of what my studious little ones were interested in, at several points in time. I can see Christ in the loosening up and letting the knowledge lead the way. But I also see Christ in the planning.

God is a God of order and organization. Our existence hinges on the plan He had from eternity and thank Him that He didn’t abandon any part of it when times got tough. His plan was to win our hand in marriage for His Son and His Son died to pay the price. There’s no room for wisps in that plan.

I see Christ in all of it now, the strict planning and the unschooling and everything in-between. I see that it’s great to plan. I need to count our hours for the state and it’s much easier to plan those hours ahead of time each week and adjust accordingly when we finish up, than it is to just “wing it” and sort it all out afterwards. But, I also see the amount of strong natural learning that takes place when a child is led to an experiment because he wants to see what would happen if… The possibilities are endless.

We have a plan this week and it’s just like most other weeks. Only this week there’s a wrench thrown into our plans. I don’t have to be done and ready to cook by a certain time. We can spend all afternoon at the park looking for things to add to our collections. We can eat dinner at 4 or at 9 and we can do puzzles and play games and have movie night in my bed in front of our new flat screen (thanks Mom and Dad!). We can do whatever we want. All because husband’s out of town. But, the cool thing is, we can do whatever we want anytime. Dad doesn’t really care when we eat early or late and Dad wouldn’t care if we did all the things we do when he’s gone. It’s been me stopping us. It’s my idea of what our day should look like that stops us. It’s the same with Christ, how many times have I stopped myself from acting freely in an area because I think Christ is keeping me tied up? More than a few.

What else have I ball-and-chained myself to? Am I living out a metaphorical plan book? I am free to have that plan book and I am free to stray from it when the compass begins to point another way.

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderfully unplanned day today. Or planned. Whatever! Enjoy your day!




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