Christmas tradition

With Christmas days away, I have been contemplating what it means to my family and me. Why are we so happy and what’s so special about the tree, and the gifts, and the people we get to be with? It’s been said that the Lord’s real birthday is March 28th, but the modern holiday doesn’t have much to do with the Lord in the world so I guess the date doesn’t matter. My husband saw a show a few weeks ago and the kids wanted to do something for santa because he does so much for human kind. And it kinda’ pissed him off, my hubby I mean.
We told our children last year about something called the santa game. And we all play it, but santa is really mom and dad and that’s why there will only be a few gifts from us under the tree this year. We didn’t want them to think that santa thought they were bad, and judged them. We also didn’t want to lie anymore. When we told them our oldest was angry with us. How could we be so dishonest? Wow, didn’t see that one coming. It made the tooth fairy blow a little easier. My youngest was terrified of someone coming into his room while he slept and cried hard when it was time to go to bed. He finally told us about his fear and we let the cat out of the bag on the tooth fairy.
I don’t want to take the magic away from the season. Magic that has as much to do with the Lord that all the other days do. My youngest told me that although we told him there’s no santa, he still believes. Aww, I was told by a friend that may happen.
When we adjusted our lives to become one with Christ, he is the Life we live our lives by. Each day is centered around Him and the things that He finds important. On Christmas we pretty much do the opposite of that. We spend lots of money and give and get lots of things. One great thing about Christmas is that it begins to draw people to soup kitchens and to give a buck or 5 when leaving a store with the Salvation Army bucket out front. Then there’s the angel tree and the shoeboxes. Both Chris and me have been a part of that process in our former lives. I volunteered at the Salvation Army one season and hubby was in the marine corps so he was responsible for the Toys for Tots getting to the kids. I am so glad the season of spending spills over to a few toys and meals here and there, but what if we did these things all year? There’s always a need, not just this one day. However, I am grateful for the overflow and outpouring of love strangers do give on this one day.
I like traditions. That’s why we celebrate Christmas. I already have the Lord as the front and center of my heart and hopefully my home and so I don’t love Him extra that day or observe Him extra, He’ll already the fullness in me.
Our traditions include the tree. We bought a real one for the first and last time this year. I am not digging the mess and it’s just not as pretty as a real one. And it hurts when I touch it.
We try to do something for someone else on the actual day. One year we drove around with a loaf of Panera bread to give to a homeless person. We’ve gotten much more organized and this year will be going to a Home. Every Christmas I make a ton of food. We usually have an open house and get a trash bag-sized sack of oysters to share. I make Christmas brunch with a ton of food. This year we’ll be having take-out Chinese food for dinner. The first time I visited Kansas City was when Chris and I were living together in sin and we stayed with his parents and got chinese take out for dinner on Christmas night, so we’ll be doing that again. His parents have decided to stay here for Christmas so we will in fact get to see family on Christmas… YAY! On Christmas Eve his parents church performs a musical play and we’ll go there. We had planned on ice skating Christmas day but the high is going to be 19 degrees and the low is 10 degrees, so no outdoor activities.
Not much to do with the Lord. My mom makes a cake for Jesus so we may pick up that tradition just so we have some obvious Lord loving thing to do. We honor the Lord because He is our future husband. The gifts I buy for His birthday aren’t for Him though, so lets just call it what it is. It’s my favorite holiday and we spend it being together and doing fun traditions.
I hope your Christmas is lovely. I hope it is filled with family and friends and good food because those are some great things. Christ is the light of the season like He is the Light in each of us. Bless you, sweet readers!


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