Resolution, schmesolution

A resolution is a resolve to change. New Years resolutions usually fail and so many people don’t even bother to profess quitting or beginning typical resolution habits. Who wants to be seen smoking two days after the giant proclamation to never smoke again? The things is, I am alive in Christ and dead to the old man. A dead man can’t change. So everything done in the flesh, which I still have because I’m human and not in heaven with Christ yet, is up for a New Years Resolution grabs. And any attempt is probably going to fail. Should I live my life in Christ, the Life that is perfected and complete, there’s no resolution to be made, for He is perfect.

Real change, in our home, only comes through setting our desires for anything other than relationships through Christ’s life, down. Setting it down and leaving it there. This year I would like to relax a little. I would like to desire things less and Christ more. I have become unhappy with my body, with eating habits, with my need for medicine, and with our family dynamic. The last three posts have been about the shift in our parenting from power-struggle based, to team-based. We are taking small steps and only able to accomplish the patience needed thanks to the rest we are getting in Him.

When we desire nothing but Christ, we won’t be let down because we have complete fulfillment in Him. That doesn’t mean that we won’t have human feelings. I still struggle through crippling depression without medicine. It’s not a result of my sin, and it doesn’t mean I need to look harder at Him. He didn’t promise the absence of “bad”, He only promised He would never leave or forsake me. When I desire to have a better body, the result is sadness because I have had three kids and I will never have the metabolism I used to. When I stop desiring to fill my boredom with goodies, or when I find joy in Him instead of mind-blowing salted caramel, I don’t gain weight.  I actually lose some weight, but I wasn’t trying to…. I was only finding my joy in the Lord, not sweets.

Now, for freedom and guilt. Guilt is something the Lord doesn’t feel. He felt the weight of our guilt over two thousand years ago and it was left on the cross. Guilt is a feeling that I am dead to, and freedom is what we have instead. Christ is freedom. He is all true and good things. Freedom is not making a resolution, for me. Freedom is being alive in Him and aligned with Him and that way all the change that happens in my life, happens in and through Him. There’s no failure, there’s no working to quit a habit because that habit makes me feel guilty. There’s no guilt in Christ. All change is made out of His life and not fault, blame, or fleshly weakness. I don’t want to change my flesh, I want to die to the flash and instead turn to the Lord. And when that’s done on as regularly as breathing, there’s no resolution to be made.

I would go so far as to say that I don’t even want to make the resolution to turn to Christ more because it implies such a guilt driven effort. I always have a choice. I chose the One who has done everything for me out of love instead of the choice made from “what I should be doing”. It’s like taking a bite from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil instead of the Tree of Life. Both have good in them, but only one is Christ’s life, come down, and placed in my heart.

I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy the New Year with friends, good food and good drink, and no resolutions whatsoever!







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