Pictures of the house…

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So, as you can see my work space takes up almost every room in the house. I have desks and “areas” everywhere that are my little niche’s for writing and lesson planning. I recently painted my kitchen cabinets, that’s why there are so many kitchen pictures. My living room has become a creative canvas to try out all the neat ideas I see in crafts books and magazines. It’s eclectic and I love it! The colorful “rug” is made entirely out of recycled straws. Which is good because I’ve spilled coffee on it three times already. The hanging file folders on the wall is how I’ve organized my online book business… that little corner is my book store office. The metal shelves in my office is half preschool stuff and half my school stuff (I am doing a writers workshop and will be working on getting my health counseling degree soon). The couch is where I do most of my lesson planning because it takes me a while and I can be accessable to the kids. Like my penguin Snuggli the kids got me for Christmas laying on the sofa? I do:) The desk in my living room is being used as my social planning(for the 2 things I do every month), mail catching, calendar for the house, home organizing desk. When I begin writing my book, it’ll be at that desk- it screams “write a book on me!” So here it is… my home… I hope you like it! Love, Jackie


2 thoughts on “Pictures of the house…

  1. I love how you’ve organized your space. You’re right, it is very unique and eclectic. I like it though. It appears cozy. I find it so important that a home is not only cozy but very comfortable and organized (in that we know where everything is lol). It is important in keeping our minds clear. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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