Beautiful Creatures

Big fan of the Twilight books and movies here. I own everything that can be owned and am sad that it’s all over, but glad because now I can see my favorite books played out on film. During the last movie, while waiting for it to start, I saw a preview for Beautiful Creatures. Another movie based around a love story between people who are not living in a normal, magic-less world. The story is filled with all kinds of beings who do crazy things, like move the elements and feed on other people’s dreams. It’s unlike anything I’ve read, other than Twilight. I wanted the book and  the husband gave me the series for Christmas gifts. I just finished the first book last night.
Something truly lovely caught my attention in this story. The magical beings who are compassionate, loving, and protective over innocence, they are the ones calling humans beautiful creatures. Wow. About three-quarters of the way through the book Lena, the main character says “humans are beautiful creatures really”. I assumed the magical special super-human beings were the Beautiful Creatures. Immediately Christ came to mind. He finds the Church beautiful, stunning actually. All along the bible tells of a love story and He is the beautiful One, and what does He do? Elevates us. Makes us precious and beautiful creatures. What makes us so beautiful?
Him. The Christ. He has covered us with purity, beauty, selflessness, patience, and he has made us human.
Here’s why I see the human species as beautiful, only through His eyes. Acceptance. The world has changed so much over the years, with people becoming more accepting of each other, but there will always be unacceptance. It makes true love and acceptance even more satisfying and precious. As a Christian I know that acceptance comes from knowing Christ, the Head of our Church, and knowing Him in others, the Body connected to the Head. When we extend acceptance, we let people know they are valuable and worth love and friendship. There were times that I was sure others would not accept me. I had them pegged and assumed no one cared about me. I was wrong so many times. And often times, those who I thought wouldn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t accept me… actually accepted me.

When I accept and love another person in Christ,because He accepts and loves them, and I do the will of Christ, it doesn’t mean I accept their choices, behavior, or everything they do. I accept the person with no conditions attatched. Those who have accepted me may not like everything I do or say, but their love is not hinged on those things. Agape love is the love of God, it’s true love, not given and taken away based on what we’ve done or who we are, only who He is that lives in us. Does that mean those who are not Christian are not loved? The character of Christ does not support that theory. The Person of Christ actually goes after the ones who are angry, hurting, and void of His Life. He does not place one of us above another.
I have seen this on earth, I have seen Christ inhabit people. She is a vision to behold, they are Beautiful Creatures.

Thank you for reading. As I begin the second book today I’ll be sure to look for more of Christ. The title is Beautiful Darkness, so we’ll see. 🙂 Have a wonderful rest of the week!



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