deeper revelation

So in my last post I mentioned my sick toe and the correlation between the illness in my body and the Church. Check this out…
My toe is a member of my body. Small and sometimes hidden, like when I wear closed toe shoes. But that doesn’t make it any less important. I realized just how important my toe is when it became ill. My toe is needed to help balance my body and it’s used and needed for walking and moving comfortably. My brain, in my head (Christ is the head in this post folks), send life down to the toe and instructs it when to move, and helps it function in connection with all the other members of the body (members of the Church).
When my physical left toe became infected, every other part of the body was affected. And reacted thanks to the life and direction coming from my head. The pain registered in my brain, which then sent signals to everywhere else. The head is the Source of life in the Body of Christ. What does my body do when the head tells the members the toe is infected? Signals are sent to the right leg to carry extra weight. The right foot has to work overtime. The back is out of alignment and begins to ache from walking with the weight unevenly distributed. My muscles, all of them, are tense from the excruciating pain. My temperature kicks into high gear and rises to combat the infection. What causes infection? Lots of things, but mine was caused by an ingrown toenail and too tight shoes. But, in the Body of Christ infection is caused by spiritual bacteria, like jealousy, unforgiveness, and walking in the flesh (or turning to the flesh).
These are all illnesses that can be healed in one of two ways. 1) Special loving care. In the case of my toe, resting, washing it with epsom salt, and letting my other leg and foot take the weight for a bit until the infection is slowly flushed out. Or 2) Removing the infection with a scalpel- which is painful, but needed to save the toe. If nothing is done the infection spreads and amputation of the organ or even death of my body can occur through poisoning of the blood- sepsis. Sure, I may be fine for a while, years even, but eventually it will kill me.
Spiritually I have had infections overtake me, more than once. I have had healing through both methods, the nurturing and the scalpel… whatever Christ felt was best at the time.
In the case of surgery, a Sister in Christ pointed out some grave and deadly bacteria that infected my heart. I needed to stop doing and saying what I was doing and saying before the infection spread through the Body. Just like in surgery, it was painful at first, but the results were successful.
Another time loving care was applied to rid me of the infection in my Spirit. I was “loved through it”.
Christ works as a whole. He moves, we move. He gives us the life needed to heal and carry each other. Life is not painless. We need each other. We are bound together and pick up the slack when another member is wounded.
Sometimes infections are serious enough that it needs to be plucked out immediately. Only Christ knows, or in the case of my toe, only the podiatrist knows. Thank God we are never left on our own in these matters.
Thanks for reading.


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