my foot and future posts

Short post today… the kids have a When Science Attacks Zoo Class for homeschoolers in 2 hours. We belonged to the zoo in Jacksonville and the boys attended all the educational classes they provided. They actually got to pet some crazy animals. When we lived in Gainesville the zoo was considerably smaller and under construction, but we were still able to see some interesting things, like the zookeeper feeding the animals. For Christmas this year my parents gave us a family pass to the zoo for a year so Chris and I immediately went online and began signing the kids up for stuff. Hopefully they’ll like it as today is the first day. But that’s not what I want to write about.

My toenail became infected several weeks ago after wearing shoes that were too tight after cutting my toenail too short. I went to my family doctor and he prescribed pain meds (my goodness it’s amazing how much one little organ can affect every part of the body- the Christ in that is pretty cool too) and an antibiotic called chephalaxin. It was doing nothing. At all. So I called the doctor because I am in more and more pain each day. I also want to mention that I was referred to a podiatrist and he is doing surgery on my foot next week, on the 15th. But while on the antibiotic, the infection was getting worse and more painful. I have developed a fever and feel pretty sick in general. Bad sign. So I called my doctor and she told me that until I had my surgery I would have the infection and there is just nothing that can be done. So I stopped taking the antibiotic and guess what? My toe, while still in bad shape, stopped getting worse and at times even feels less painful. I have always been very skeptical about antibiotics. They are over-prescribed and harmful to the body, especially the immune system and the gut. But, I made an exception because in the right situation they are helpful and save lives. I have been using epsom salt baths and hydrogen peroxide and having much better success keeping the infection contained. 🙂

This got me thinking about the blog posts I used to write that gave holistic health advice. This will be the year I begin getting my degree in the field, but I have always been very excited about natural health. So I decided to get back to that and at least once a week write about ways to live a greener, more natural life. Beyond recipes, which I have given for laundry soap and sunscreen, I will actually write about how these work and why they are better for us. We have a generation coming up behind us who will benefit from our choices today. I know it’s too late for me and Chris. The toxins we’ve ingested over a lifetime will no doubt leave us like most elderly today, battling disease. But, we weren’t created to die of things like cancer, which is a direct result of carcinogens, in small amounts over a lifetime, or large amounts in a short period of time. I am excited to write about health and hope to write one post a week directly dealing with organic healing and health.

Thank you for reading and have a happy Thursday!




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