Tomorrow is the big day, surgery on my toe. I am getting part of the nail removed and debridement (cleaning dead and contaminated skin around the wound). Last night I stubbed my toe on a cement garage step and I about passed out from the pain and the wave of nausea and was reminded that this needs to be done. I can’t avoid the procedure. In fact, I need to prepare.
One of the best things I can do is get my body ready for the bombardment of meds that are coming my way. Antibiotics and pain medicine.
I very recently began an excercise routine, involving cardio and weight training. I am toning up using The Biggest Loser program with added weights and soon added resistance bands. I am very excited about getting toned and lean and getting in better shape in general. As you can guess I’ve scaled the workouts way back because I can’t use an entire limb, but I am doing what I can and it’s already working. I can feel the burn. I am very excited to heal and get to the training and the full workout once my foot is all better. The mind-body connection is stronger than any medicine in my experience. And I hope that my drive and desire to get back to exercising continues and helps speed the healing process along.
Remember when I said I was going to write a health blog once a week? Well, this is it. Here’s what I am hoping to do after surgery to counteract the medicines I must take, in order to keep my digestive health, therefore my overall health, in tip-top shape.

Digestion starts in the senses. The sight and smell of food initiate chemical reactions that get us ready to digest food. Chewing is particularly important because messages are sent to the digestive tract to prepare different enzyme secretions according to what is in the mouth. The thing is, after years of abuse with food that was diet, or low-carb, or sugar-free, my body stopped creating all the enzymes it needed to function properly. Here’s how we know our guts aren’t functioning properly… we have bloating, inflammation, flatulence, no regular bowel movement each day, and ready for this? It’s gross, but we’re all adults here… bowels that smell bad and sink to the bottom of the bowl. My guts have been in need of a good high quality enzyme supplement. The reason this is so important is because pain medicine and anesthesia slow the bowels and if my food is not being digested properly, I will get “backed up”. What’s so bad about being backed up for a few days? Think about what bowel movements are… waste. Waste sitting in the gut. Some people believe that it just sits there and none of the toxins seep into any part of our body. The holistic health community believes that the longer toxins sit in the gut, the more potential damage they can do when releasing toxins. (A lot of my information is taken right out of the books from’s reading list, if you want anything more specific info, just ask) Once my round of needed medicine is over, I’ll be doing a cleanse to gently clean out the gut. Using a broad spectrum digestive enzyme with each meal to help beak down my food and psyllum husk in a shake once a day to grab stubborn and slow-moving toxins and guide them on their way, my guts will be healthy happy and moving along.

When food passes into the stomach large proteins break down into smaller groups of amino acids. The first step in protein digestion is carried out by hydrochloric acid, released from the stomach wall, which is dependent on zinc. Zinc. Got it, check. Only the kind I have is from the drugstore up the road and may as well be a stick of gum. So I put it on the list to either order from Source Naturals or head to Whole Foods tonight. 15mg along with a supplement containing betaine hydrochloride, can’t forget the betaine hydrochloride, as it works together with the zinc in breaking down my food while in the stomach..

My final supplement to aid my post-surgical medicines will be a probiotic. These are good for me to take everyday anyway, but I forget. I have $50 worth of probiotics in the fridge, which amounts to 2 bottles. So I’m all good there. Probiotics are my digestive tracts best friend! They not only help with digestion, but the best thing about them is that they help my gut to absorb all the healthy foods I’ll be eating. They’ll replace the good bacteria that the antibiotics kill. They’ll keep me from getting yeast infections in the gut, which are so common. Once I began to pay more attention to my digestive health and patterns, I saw that eating healthy consists of more than just fruits and veggies. I need to help my body along when unnatural foods and medicines are introduced. Nothing goes undetected by the body. We may not see results or damage right away, but it all matters. It all counts. Tap water is not the same as filtered water… I don’t care what they say in the movies or what the government says. Get a kit from your county’s water supply plant and test what’s in the water. Then filter it with a 2 or 3-stage filter and you’ll see that the water is not the same. Nor does it taste the same. We’ve had a filter mounted under our sink for years now. We drink with, cook with, and use filtered water for everything except washing our hands. I also have a chlorine filter in my shower head. It keeps my kidneys and liver from having to work overtime cleaning out the toxins in my drinking water so it can help with toxins in the air and in my food and in some of my medicines. I can assure you that the water we drink tastes wonderful and I’m glad we have it everytime I have to drink tap water. I’m not a snob, I just don’t want to drink flouride, chlorine and rust.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my guts today. And my mini rant about filtered water. I will have my surgery at 1 (that’s 12 noon for my family in Jersey and Florida) so I may or may not get a chance to write. I will surely write the day after and let you know how much better it feels. Thanks for reading, have a great week friends.


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