fear and freedom…. and your feedback

In researching some spiritual group topics for a book I hope to publish one day, I came across some stunning, mind-blowing information. I have decided not to blog about it as it’s super controversial, but promise to write more as I learn more and it settles in my Spirit. I have a tendency to be a little rough around the edges in my posts and what I’ve stumbled upon would certainly step on some toes so I am sitting on it. I am seeking the Lord- another way of saying I am praying- and hopefully will produce the book I’ve been longing to write. I will be asking for feedback and personal experiences so that I can see all sides of the issue of faith, the Church, and Christ Jesus. And my promise to myself and the Lord is that I will write with love. Because I am exploding at the seems to begin sharing my heart and my research, I am going to wait a bit before I open up. Anytime we are a part of a religious group, we need to internalize the group’s doctrine as truth. When in fact Truth is a Person, and anything more than that is human faith. We all have faith in Something or Someone and I choose to respect others faith. I am a Christian, but I have learned in the last 15 years that there are several types of Christians and Churches.
Right now I am an individual belonging to Christ. I don’t have to agree with anyone else’s doctrine or group thinking because we are loosely attending local churches and we’re pretty happy with the Lord. I don’t feel pressure to write or confirm another’s thoughts as I just want to love God and I want to know His thoughts. When unattached to a larger model of Church, I feel free to express some amazing finds I have discovered. My book and upcoming blog posts will not be about the Lord, we all have our own faith. Instead it will be more of a research experiment for a documentary about people and faith. Freedom and control. Tolerance and exclusivity. I am open to discuss all of it, freely in a loving, non-attacking manner. While I would love feedback, I don’t want to be scolded or attacked. I have had enough of that. The world is full of people who have no tolerance for those different from themselves. I don’t want to write from the perspective that the Lord is in ALL of it. And if you don’t believe in the Lord, I would love to hear from you too. I did not know the Lord until I was 17 so I can relate and I remember well having faith that was not centered on the Lord. I respect all of it and would hope that you could open up to me as I begin a series of blogs and ask a series of questions. For research. Mean comments or hostile responses to difference will be seen as intolerance and dually noted. I want to explore all of it- acceptance, unacceptance, behavior modification, devoted followers. And I hope to get insight here when I need specific feedback. There is a world of information “out there” and I am excited to begin the journey of writing about spirituality- and my walk through many spiritual beliefs.
Thank you for reading!


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