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Ben's workbox for the week.

Ben’s workbox for the week.

We’ve started something new with my oldest child and planning his homeschool, out of necessity. I was feeling overwhelmed and we weren’t staying on course. We had drifted too far off into lazy homeschool land. I am all for unscheduled, unplanned learning with educational toys, games, and art. What seemed to be happening was more of a moral and character issue in that he wasn’t finishing the small amount of work he was supposed to be doing. I asked him several times what he would like to read about, write about, or learn and build a school week around that, but he insisted that he was not inspired right now, yet every spare chance he gets he’s building flying things. I can relate. In my own life I have felt very loved by, loving towards, and wanting to be with the Lord, yet uninspired and not sure what to do about it.
I’ve tried writing this blog about 8 times now over the last two days. Every time I erased it or couldn’t finish and drafted it. I have so much on my mind so it’s really unusual that I can’t finish a post. Like my child, I have a lot going on, but when it comes to sitting down, concentrating, and moving forward, I’m stuck. So here’s what we’ve decided to do…

What his school day will look like today...

What his school day will look like today…

I implemented the workbox idea for him. Rather than doing it day-by-day I do it week-by-week. Each weekend I fill in the template I recently made and place one day’s work on one page. Then under separate headings I place any worksheets, instructions for assignments, and loose paper he’ll need. This way, he knows exactly what’s expected and he goes through the binder and books inside completely independent. I can look over his work and if he has any questions he knows that he can come to me.

Subsection of the history tab...

Subsection of the history tab…

Placing everything in a workbox like I did and giving him all his work, he knows what to expect, can move forward, and he’s held accountable for what he does.

My "box and crate" books. I threw the Door of Hope book on there for the pic, normally that one's in my office.

My “box and crate” books. I threw the Door of Hope book on there for the pic, normally that one’s in my office.

In knowing the Lord I have picked up a few absolutes along the way. He is perfect, and forgiving, and the definition of love. God is Love. I know that He died so that human beings might live, and we have that life when we partake of Him. What does partaking of Him consist of? He tells us. First I believe in Him, then I dine with Him at the Lord’s Supper (which I believe to be an actual dinner and not a wafer, but hey, to each his own and both are right because it’s more of a heart matter than anything else). I was baptized and it was the most precious day. We went to the river afterwards and spent time as a family. I knew I was different after it happened. The joy I had experienced was like one of a girl who had just gotten engaged. I know that faith without works is dead and Christians who don’t have the “Love” are not aligned with Christ, therefore are not included in the way. So there are works and faith and love and they are all important enough that if I don’t have one of the three, I am not partaking of Christ, even if I think I am. It’s a struggle lately because I don’t want to hurt anyone and I don’t want to be a flip flopper, but what I’ve been doing for “church” was bad for my marriage, my kids, and I left out important aspects of my relationship with the Lord. I am not assuming that anyone else did the same, but what I experienced was only a small portion of the Lord and some of it wasn’t the Lord at all, but deception. As I find my way back onto the narrow path that is my Christian faith, I place into a spiritual crate what I know to be true. I place the foundations of my faith, the core of who I am, and my pride, and any traces of anger or unforgiveness lurking in the shadows of my true self in a metaphorical crate. My instincts have been off and until they are back in line with the Truth, I am staying on the course which is true and proven. As I feel more comfortable and trust myself to know the Lord outside of this “box”, I will begin to mature in Him. For now, I am humble enough and He is wise enough to know that this is best.

How beautiful is today out my window? My sweet Lord and His precious snow fall...

How beautiful is today out my window? My sweet Lord and His precious snow fall…

So my oldest and I have the same problem and in order to press on, we must go back to the basics. Live simply and stick to what we know for sure until our natural instincts to learn and be diligent and obedient (Big Bird), and to be a naturally functioning Christian (Mama Bird) are our basics.
Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day.

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