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science homeschool 012Here are some things I’ve learned in our homeschool. Homeschooling is more than a lifestyle for us, it is my calling. I love reaching each of my children with tailor-made education specific to their needs. It’s a passion of mine. I truly love, love, love homeschooling. We have been homeschoolers from the beginning as I just couldn’t part with my little boy when he turned 4. We began officially homeschooling him as a preschooler and after that first year, I knew we were in it for good. After years of different reasons and philosophies, I am positive that my kids will be homeschooled until they go to college. They love it, I love it, and while I know my imperfections and faults, I have learned a few things. Here they are.
True education is learning how to learn; learning about yourself, your family, the world around you, and getting to know God and His plans for you in this world. God special gifts He gives to those who know Him and love Him and it’s exciting for me to watch them develop theirs. In our homeschool my kids will grow up knowing and finding their gifts. I have three boys so it’s important that they grow to be a provider, spiritual leader, protector, principal in their children’s school, and partner for their wives. It’s also very important that they grow up to know the pain and dangers of premarital physical intimacy. I have some wonderful books and sermons a former pastor once gave on this topic. I am not real big on sermons, but years ago we went to a great big church and the pastor did a series on sex. It was so incredibly informative, biblical, and practical. I was working in the children’s church at the time so I received a copy of the series for free. The pastor speaks of the altar and the veil being torn and the picture of the reality in the physical life of a couple during intimacy. It’s beautiful.
The biggest blessing of homeschooling is the time we have. Sometimes it feels like the time is always ticking and we’re always running out. In the beginning my oldest had to suffer through school at home and would often be doing all the work and textbooks until late in the day. These days he only does assigned school all day if he chooses to drag it out. I give him very difficult work in small doses and he thrives. He stays challenged and rarely gets bored to wonder off in daydreams. One day when they are older and having to be the husband, dad, employee, or boss, they will have all kinds of claim on their time. Today they are young, and it’s their right to have free time to play, explore interests and new things, and discover. Unplanned time produces more than I could have asked for during school hours many days. The longer we homeschool the more I see that learning habits have been tapestried into our daily living. When my middle son went to the public school twice a week for speech therapy, although the class was only half an hour, it took up so much more of our time. It’s hard to begin school, stop in the middle to take BunnyMan to speech classes, wait for him, come home and pick up where we left off and stop again 45 minutes later for lunch. Often times we would show up and school was closed or the speech therapist called out of work or had to cancel, but forgot to tell me. We wasted so much time driving up there only to come back home with nothing but wasted time. These days we do speech therapy at home. I bought a prepared speech therapy curriculum, but mostly we “do it” on our own. He’s doing great and we have our mornings back. It was nice to have the little help we took, but not worth the hefty price it cost.
Our homeschool is a journey of faith. At the risk of sounding religious (which isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever been called), I am not comfortable sending my children to a place in which the Lord is actively not welcome. Each and every day. No matter what anyone tells you, the child does pick up habits and behavior from people she or he is with all day. Since the Lord is not welcome in the classroom and the teacher is forced to teach contrary to what the Bible says, I am thankful we homeschool. It would tear me up inside if I had to send them into a place which teaches false facts. I would have to spend each evening undoing all the work the schools would do. I went to school and what I learned was contrary to what I know today. These days I spend most of my free time buried in books, writing, and teaching myself. I love to research and re-learn, or learn for the first time things that I never learned in school. I am learning to depend on God for sustenance, and it’s an active process. I need to commune with Him constantly throughout the day in ways that I was never allowed to do in school. When difficult emotions, feelings, and times overcome my kids, they are free to take the time out needed to talk through a problem. They are never silenced the way I was in school, instead they are “allowed” to talk through troubles or be alone and cry. They mature at a rate that is healthy for them and are not forced to bully or be bullied as they keep their faith.

God led us into home education and is enabling us to complete the assignment He has given us. We can see how He has used even the difficult times to benefit us (Rom. 8:28). Thank you God that I am but a resource in our homeschool. The responsibility is lifted up before the Lord. He is ordained. God is with me and on my side and has helped quiet my fears. You see, I’m not a teacher, never was. In the beginning I thought my lack of a teaching degree worked against me. If we were doing school-at-home it would, but we are homeschooling which is completely different. For that, according to many homeschool veterans who were once teachers, the degree works against the natural instinct and ability to do what’s best for the child. I don’t have to fight the urge to follow below standard public school lists and low standards. I don’t have to undo four years of training in order to shed classroom teaching instincts. I am free to parent naturally. And homeschooling is part of my job as parent. While I am grateful for what the teachers in schools are doing and how much passion many of them have, it’s no match for a parent who loves and wants the best in a child’s homeschool. Also, the best homeschool and teaching materials are not allowed in schools because they are not good for the masses. So many friends have expressed fear in failing, but look at the school statistics and see that homeschoolers are far surpassing kids in the institution. If the kids aren’t learning at home, they surely would not have learned in the class room. New homeschool moms often fall in love with homeschooling when the school at home model is released and they see dramatic results. To be honest, I have always had pretty good teachers. My kindergarten and first grade teachers were my best friends. It’s the system and the herding of the masses, which is the problem. The best way to teach thousands of kids at once is not the best way for my three kids. The Lord gives us strength, wisdom, and patience. I was not born with patience and did not have an overabundance which I decided to use in my homeschool. Patience comes from the Lord. Wisdom comes from Him. Our homeschool is unto Him and begins and ends with Him. That is the most important thing about us.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!



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