Beautiful Creatures Book Series

beautiful creatures 122My husband gave me the Beautiful Creatures series of books for Christmas a little over a month ago. I began reading them right away and the deeper I get into the story (I am in the third book right now) the more I see that it was written on a deeper level. The story at face value is exciting at times, but it’s the underlying story about the human condition and the choices we make that has me intrigued. The story is not cut and dry.
The main Character Lena has a decision to make, she needs to decide if she is going to claim herself for the light or the dark, which is not the same as good and bad. She’s a Caster, because she can cast “spells”, although I don’t think I’ve read that word once yet. She moves the elements, such as the weather patterns follow her moods. She has in her both light and dark and is being encouraged to choose one or the other, only she doesn’t know that she has a choice at first. She is told by everyone who loves her that she can choose what she becomes, but she fears that it is going to happen to her, without her consent.
The language used by the young man telling the story is gripping to this Christian. I am going to give a spoiler alert here, so if you haven’t read the second book yet, don’t read on…..

beautiful creatures 126

Lena makes a choice, and because she is the strongest supernatural being in her world, she gets to make a choice no one has ever made before. She chooses both. She is light and dark and those are both pieces of who she is. I was not expecting that. I was expecting, hoping, that she would choose to go Light. But, like Lena, I have tried hard to only choose one part of myself. I have been dark and I have been light and many times I have tried to choose my identity as light. I wanted to be holy, righteous, and blameless. But the thing is, I’m not. I’m a human in need of saving. There is a darkness to me that will always be there. I will never be one or the other. I have both in me and to pretend to be all good or all bad is to deny who I really am.
Ethan is the one telling the story. He is the Way, called a Wayward. A wayward, who doesn’t point the way, but IS the way, bridges the gap between this life and the next. He is the way and he loves Lena unconditionally and encourages her to choose, but doesn’t encourage one way or the other. He would love her if she way light or dark or for what she is, which is both.
Most characters need to choose, and it maintains order in the supernatural world. When she decides that she is not going to choose, but remain who she is, a caster with lightness and darkness in her, it is likened to the Ten Commandments being broken in the mortal world. Which is what Jesus did when He became the authority over the law.
It’s a really neat storyline and one that is not simple or cut and dry. I am a Twilight series fan. I like the story, although it wasn’t very deep or well written at all. Beautiful Creatures series has been compared to the Twilight series and I can attest to the fact that it is not like Twilight. While this story does include love, there’s no “emotional porn” or tacky kissing/love scenes to read through. There is much more of a historical back story in the Beautiful Creatures books. It’s just my opinion.
I see there is a movie coming out based on the first book. I am not sure how true to the book it will be, but the previews look pretty spot on (yup, I said “spot on”). The movie comes out on Valentines Day. My husband wants to take me to see it and so afterwards I’ll let you know if it’s stupendous or a lousy adaptation.
Have wonderful weekend bloggers!


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