Zero Dark Thirty

Saw it last night. Me and Chris have been really interested in this movie since seeing the very first preview. My husband is a former Marine and I had many friends in the Marine Corps shortly after 9/11. Memories of that day, of September 11th are fresh in my mind today. Me and my oldest brother Ryan went to Melborne to get some sun and surf. We had no access to television or radio all day being on the beach and in the water and it wasn’t until the drive home, listening to the radio and noticing men on the side of the road waving flags that we realized there was an attack on America. I remember my brother asking who was stupid enough to attack America, and that whoever did this would be dead when we find out. Well it took a decade, but the team assigned to find this man did find him and they did kill him and this movie is a stunning portrayal of how it happened.

What impressed me most about this movie was the ending. I was prepared to see a glorified, music driven action seen in which we go in and get the most evil terrorist to ever attack us. Just as in the rest of the movie, there was no over dramatization of what really happened. I appreciated that. When the team of Navy Seals entered the compound and killed the man who orchestrated the 9/11 attacks, it was a somber and emotional exerience. The most intense scene in the movie was the helicopter ride after they killed and captured #1 terrorist UBL. I watched it more than once in order to understand even just a little bit about what these men did and how they must have felt.

The man who put the first two shots in Bin Laden’s head has anonymously told a journalist that he felt as though he had just done either the best or the worst thing in his life. He is currently struggling just to get by. Once he is cut loose from his active duty he has zero health insurance, no money, and no protection. He has a target on his back, gets no credit for bringing down the man and risking his life to do it because he can’t reveal his identity. Before the attacks, the team of Navy Seals wrote letters to their families, good-bye letters. They never thought they would see their families again. That wasn’t in the movie, that was what I found in my late night reading after watching the movie.

“Bin Laden is there. And you’re going to kill him for me.” -Jessica Chastain. The real woman who actually found and got Bin Laden is anonymous. She was recruited out of high school and worked in the CIA for 12 years. Her entire job was to catch UBL. She did nothing else. The last seen of the movie is her scene and I shed a tear with her. Here’s a quote from the man who put the bullet in his head, taken from Esquire Magazine..

Bronstein goes in depth into the raid with the SEAL with details such as what  he was thinking as he was flown into the compound. “Instead of counting, for  some reason I said to myself the George Bush 9/11 quote: Freedom itself was  attacked this morning by a faceless coward, and freedom will be defended. I  could just hear his voice, and that was neat. I started saying it again and  again to myself. Then I started to get pumped up. I’m like: This is so on.”

He said he gave the female CIA analyst who whose intelligence work lead them  to bin Laden the remaining magazine from his rifle.

And he recalled what Osama looked like after he was shot.

“And I remember as I watched him breathe out the last part of air, I thought:  Is this the best thing I’ve ever done, or the worst thing I’ve ever done? This  is real and that’s him. Holy shit,” the SEAL recalled. “Everybody wanted him  dead, but nobody wanted to say, Hey, you’re going to kill this guy. It was just  sort of understood that’s what we wanted to do. His forehead was gruesome. It  was split open in the shape of a V. I could see his brains spilling out over his  face. The American public doesn’t want to know what that looks like.”

Read more:

They go in and they kill him. Nothing was hyped up, no dramatic special effects. It was a very, very hard thing and the movie portrays just how hard. The terrorist, UBL,  killed thousands of Americans and these men went in and killed him knowing they would probably never live to see the light of another day. Thank you Seal Team 6. The humanity with which they expressed that night was extremely somber. There was not much cheering and joy, it was a dark night. The shock, relief, and emotion and heartache was felt from my living room, thanks to Kathryn Bigelow(director) and Mark Boal(writer). This was the end of what was a horrible time in the world’s history and human exsistence. And we were able to see just what the CIA team and the Seals went through. We owe more than respect to these people, we owe them a lifetime of health insurance, money to live on, and protection. I hope the President’s promise that no veteran will ever go without these things is real. I hope it wasn’t just words.

This is one of the best history resources in motion pictures I have come across. I allowed my children to watch parts of this movie this morning for “school” as I want them to have an understanding and an appreciation of our country, our military, and what is being done to keep us safe. I want them to know the seriousness of the attack on our country over a decade ago. I want them to know because it was important and changed everyone. Everyone.

See the movie, it’s good. Have a spectacular day guys.




2 thoughts on “Zero Dark Thirty

  1. I saw the movie last night also. It left quite an impact! Whatever one’s feelings on the particulars of this situation, the world is definitely a safer and better place with UBL dead. Heroes is not too strong a word for all the main players in this.

    • Agreed, 100%. It’s such a touchy subject and the movie really walks the line gracefully. I mirror your thoughts; no matter which stance we take, we can all agree that these men are heroes. And they should be treated with the utmost respect upon return. Thanks Mike ~Jackie

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