Homeschooling for Excellence

My heart is with the Lord on some important matters this week. I have been joyful and at peace pertaining to my health in spite of not feeling physically great, and examining myself in search of a better outlook on motherhood and homeschooling. As I assess where my “treasure” has been, as that’s where the Lord says my heart will be also, I have had revelations of where this next year is headed. Jennifer Garner once said, “Beauty comes from a life well lived.” I have been beautiful at times, and at times I have not, but this year will be beautiful.

It’s easy to ignore that which we don’t see, and to become inward focused. It’s only when I realize just how filthy and wretched I was, and am, compared to goodness, that I see how perfect He, the Christ, is. I am not yet complete, but I have said “yes” to Him and will be one day. I am complete in my Spirit, although my body remains on earth. Often times in the Bible God confessed to the church being build like a house, or like a functioning body, or like a family, or like a bride awaiting her groom. In all of these expressions we are important and we matter. The Lord’s people look like all different kinds of groups. Some look like houses, and some function like families, and some are at peace being in the world and not of the world. Life is brutally simple, Christ died for all people.

As I prepare for the new homeschool year I am taking into account the state of my health. I am spending time discovering what I believe and what’s truly important. How can I impart my love for the Lord and my values onto them if I don’t have clear vision of what I trust and believe myself? The more I look to Christ and God and the Spirit within, because I cannot overlook one in favor of the other two, the more I see that I need others. Naturally, organically, I have been growing into a community of sorts. It takes a village to raise a child, right? I have grown very close to family in the last year. We have also become closer as a family, just the 5 of us… me, Chris, and the 3 boys. We have gotten to know people here and there and I am at peace with where we are. At one time I would have thought I needed to “get” somewhere before I could be comfortable in my spiritual life, but I am okay right where I am with the Trinity.

So, in preparing for our new homeschool year this is what I hope to not forget…

1) Be prepared to set aside homeschooling at any time- at least for the moment- for the greater good of discipling(and disciplining) the kids. Knowing the Lord and character training are far more important that academics. Academics will be learned, but not at the expense of homeschooling for excellence.

2)What is my primary goal? What are the bigger goals?  As we speak, I have the opportunity to show my youngest child how to show love and forgiveness. My goal is to raise caring and loving and generous children. Although my main goal is to set an example of what it means to know and to follow Jesus. Because that’s what He made clear He wants, during His short life on earth. I have sorted out my priorities and with the Lord’s wisdom, will keep them aligned with His goals for my family.

3) There will always be people who don’t agree with our faith, with my methods of parenting, and with homeschooling. This year I will not let anyone sway me, because I am standing firm on the Rock that is God. I have trusted friends, mentors, and advisors and I seek wisdom all the time, not just from people in my life, but from books. I am always looking to know more and discover better ways to live. The foundation of who I am as a mother, a homeschooler, a wife, and a person, is rooted in the Lord’s love for me.

4) I will make mistakes. So will others. There will be times that I’ll need to share about my pain with others who have been through the same thing. It’s okay to talk about the fear I feel while waiting for a test result. It’s okay to talk about spiritual detours I took during my Christian walk and the devastating effects that washed over my life afterwards. It’s okay to make mistakes because it means I’m human and it keeps me honest.

5) I will not look to the world to tell me what success means. When I begin to feel unappreciated or unimportant, that’s when I seek the Lord’s heart on what treasure means to me. How can I show my children whats truly important if I am looking to society to tell me what success means? Sacrificing my days in order to serve my children, my husband, and my community is where my heart is what’s important to me. If I become weary and start to wonder how much better life could be if I was only doing this or that, I will become frustrated and take it out on those I love. I have been guilty of blaming my husband for not appreciating me enough. The truth is, when I do that I am not realizing just how important my job is in the grand scheme of things. I don’t want to focus on what I am missing in the world because it’s not much. I’ve seen what life is like apart from my kids and I want no part of it. I don’t want to spend my days focused on myself and my own satisfaction. I need to do what’s best for my family. If it’s working, well then one day I will work. Right now, because the Lord ordained my life, it’s at home training up my children and taking care of my household full-time. And I am pretty proud of that. 🙂

Thank you for reading today. I hope you have a wonderful upcoming “year” whatever you may be doing, homeschooling or not.




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