Rise of the Guardians

Last night me, Chris and the boys snuggled up for movie night and watched Rise of the Guardians. I will not post any spoiler alerts, but it’s (high pitched voice here) ah-maze-ing!!! And all during the movie I saw many pictures of love and our relationship with the Lord. ROTG follows the life of a boy, Jack Frost. He is invisible to children, but he wants them to believe in him. And he can’t figure out how to make that happen. In the first scene of the movie he talks about how he knows who he is because the moon tells him; and at the end of the movie he uses a sun and cloud analogy which has inspired the blog. It was beautiful and I have been thinking about it more and more.

The sun is always in the sky, it never leaves even though the clouds may cover it sometimes and we may not see the light. So I started thinking about the obvious, why do clouds cover the sun? Well let’s begin the water cycle with the part where the clouds are full and the ground needs water so all life on earth can have the water it needs to grow. And live. We need water from the clouds to grow. If we stop growing we die.

There are many times when I can’t see the Lord behind the cloud of stress, illness, or sorrow, or pain, but He’s there. And the metaphorical water that’s about to fall, which comes from those clouds, will help me to continue to grow. And then I will see Him again. This morning I began thinking about the night. Why do we turn from the sun? It’s inevitable; we can expect it to happen every night because it’s a natural “pull”. Our natural human self has an instinctual pull towards selfishness, pride, and many other darker sides to the human soul. Sometimes people call it “backsliding” when we turn from the Lord, but I think it’s human nature to rebel. It happens right on time, but the Lord is never gone. He exists all the time and is present and available to us even at night. We may need to seek Him out… figuratively search for Him to the ends of the earth. The sun will shine easily some days and it will seem like it’s hiding on other days, but it’s really just watering that which needs to grow. And then there’s the night. The darkest time when we can’t see Him at all, but He hasn’t left us and we will see Him again soon. And it’s during the night, when we grow the most. In a literal sense, children grow at night, when they sleep. It’s a sweet picture of the cycle of life and growth.

Had I never known the depth and sorrow of all that happened in my teen years and early twenties I never would have met the Lord. It was Divine intervention. I had almost died many times. I saw and experienced pain that I never thought I would live through. And the Lord put me in a safe place in which I had the time and teaching to learn about Him. And then I met Him. It took months of constant Christ before my heart became receptive to Him. It took the horrible news of that horrible thing to thrust me into the arms of the only One who could comfort me. It took a storm cloud I never wanted, to lead me to the Christ and change my life forever.

I am so thankful for the light of day, but also for the night. I know the Lord the way I do because of the times I spent living through the darkest nights. The Lord is my sun, moon and everything.

Thank you for reading.




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