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What does it mean to be a Christian woman today? Last night I attended a session of a homeschool conference and the keynote speakers spoke about the Lord. And they are a beautiful couple who love Him dearly. It’s evident in the way they live. It was a nice night and I was glad to get out of the house and go somewhere. But, it got me thinking… God writes our story. That was the title of the conference session… When God Writes Your Love Story. Well, God writes all of our love stories. Not only when that story is a beautiful one, but when it is a checkered, painful story as well. God writes all of it.

We are made in His image and it’s clear because He is so huge and so vast and there are so many of us. Each unique. And all of us are reflections of a piece of Him. We can’t fool ourselves into thinking that only some of us are images of Him and others aren’t. We are born into this world and known before we were a thought in our parents minds and the Lord has control of all of it.

The important lesson I have learned in my travels is this… we are each on our own journey, with unique qualities and beliefs, and designed by God Himself. So to tell my story or to claim my way as the only way is short cited. I have written many times about just how old the earth is. There is an age-old debate in the homeschool community. Is the earth only 4,ooo years old, which we assume the Bible is saying it is, or is it millions of years old like the textbooks say? I believe in one theory very strongly and would badger others with my writing because I wanted them to see what I see and believe what I believe. But the truth is, the Lord didn’t call us to agree on every little thing… He calls us to love and care for one another. And to till the earth and care for the earth, mostly for our health and benefit. He says we are good. And the earth is good.

Recently there is another debate going on within the Christian community. Are we perfect not because of Christ’s blood, or are we sinners still in need of a Savior? I have been on both sides of the coin and am now very strongly on one side. The thing is, it doesn’t matter to anyone else. It is what me and the Lord have and what He’s working out in me. Should I write my opinion as truth, it could offend another. The only truth is in the Word and the Word points to both views, depending on which scriptures I refer to.

I am realizing the older I get that we are free to think and feel differently. And if I can’t handle that another feels differently than me, well then that’s simply shows my maturity, or lack thereof. What really blows my mind is when people live out the truth that’s claimed. Do we turn down those who are hungry, yet say wonderfully inspiring things when with other Christians? Do we follow Christ or man? Having authors as mentors has been one of the greatest blessings the Lord has brought me. But should I begin to rely so heavily on just one author that I no longer live out the life Christ intended for me, but instead follow that author, well then, I miss the bigger Author. I have read blogs faithfully because they were insightful and beautiful and unique, just the way the Lord made us. But when I see that a blog or a writer is becoming a faithful follower of man, when I can’t tell the difference between the writer and the author the writer is following, I stop wasting my time. It’s disappointing when blogs become word-for-word ideologies of an author, and not a special, tailor-made thought inspired by excitement and life and… I’ll say it again, uniqueness. We are not all meant to be the same people. We can love the Lord and love others and unfortunately to some that’s as bad as a four letter word. Loving others is hard work. Loving those who don’t love us back takes effort, sometimes money, and the belief that “works” is not a bad word. That’s what the Lord requires of us. That’s what His word says. Faith without works is dead. The Lord is living. So if we are not doing “works” then our faith is dead, meaning void of life, void of Christ (if we use the word interchangeably).

We are not on earth to debate or to get caught up in trying create the perfect setting to love the Lord in, or to make others believe what we believe within the Christian community… I see so much of this. It is destructive to the Kingdom of God. We know a person and a group by its fruit. Is what we are doing producing beautiful community-helping effects (because the Lord commanded us to love others more than ourselves) or are the members one by one leaving and feeling suicidal for months (I have heard this from several people after leaving church(es) they were in. The Lord does not contradict Himself at all. We are saved by grace and by His blood, yet we are alive on earth, only dead spiritually. When we get to heaven we can sit around all day doing nothing but loving Him and expressing ourselves to Him. While on earth, we are to not be lukewarm, but diligent in the way we live, loving God first, then others before ourselves. We are to choose to not sin… that is not something a person already complete in Christ will have to do. We are not yet Christ’s wife. We are not Christ. We have the Holy Spirit within us. That is what Christ has said and that is what the Word says. Anytime I have heard differently, it was a man and his followers. We can find Scripture to fit a different theory, but if we look at its entirety, we see a different picture. If I only read the parts that show us how to spend time alone and pray, then that’s what I would do. If I only read the parts about works, which is helping others and doing good, then I might only be concerned with works and loving others, but not spending time with the Lord. There is total sacrifice involved in loving the Lord and it requires us to look beyond ourselves and whatever righteousness we think we can claim. The righteousness all belongs to the Lord. and we are not the Lord. Are we righteous if we devote our lives to Him? He says yes. And we only get that opportunity through His blood. He tells us a lot about how to act. He tells us to love others who are not our friends and family… anyone can be kind to those who are kind in return. What about those who are unkind? What about those who are unlovable? Dirty, angry and homeless? what about those who don’t believe what we believe? If we begin to love these people because Christ told us to while He was still on earth. And when we realize that, that it’s not about me and my friends and my small group, we mature. When we stop following a man or the “world”, we’ve been obedient… which Christ says He likes.

I know several people who don’t believe this idea that we are physical manifestations of the Lord and that we are already living in a perfect Christ. I am okay with that. I know people who don’t believe in medicine, such as antidepressants. I know people who don’t believe that our offspring come before a social life. Of course I don’t agree with these things, but I don’t suppose that I know everything and that I know the whole story. Everything and everyone in life is special. Should we all become mirror images of each other. Should we all become sinless versions of the Lord we lose the beautiful uniqueness He gave us. I love when I meet other homeschoolers or Christians and we are different and no one cares. No one gives lectures, silent treatments, or slanders those who are different. These days we all “know” what’s right… whatever that means. The reality is, it doesn’t matter. If you think we are already perfect and sinless by His blood, right on. I love you. If you believe that we are sinners in needs of a Savior on a constant daily basis, I can get with that too. But what I can’t get behind is being mean to each other because we don’t agree. That, my friend, is just, just, CRAP for lack of a better word. And we are known by how we treat others. So lets treat them beautifully.




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