Mom’s Moods

Did you know that moms can set the tone for a household, a day, and even a trip to the park? I read a few years ago that a mother’s voice has the ability to create peace in a child’s heart, or fear and anxiety. A series of tests were done on children’s stress levels, […]


Okay, here’s my whole-hearted life, including a current trend in homeschooling. One I that didn’t bother me at first, but has been increasingly annoying. We’ll get to that later. Two days ago I had a  CT scan because one of my incisions has a dense mass underneath it and it ‘s not supposed to be there.  Results came back […]


As we gear up for the new year, my living room, office, and bedroom have been taken over by homeschooling books, magazines and curriculum. In previous posts I have gone over what we use and why, also what we don’t like and our reasons for that as well. So today I want to express my […]

Three Things…

A couple of things going on, some more important than others. But because I have not written about homeschooling, the Lord’s life. or health in a while, here it is… In about three weeks we begin My Father’s World ECC! I have been waiting to use this program for 4 years now, which was when I […]