being a mom

In general I think I am happy, but when someone asks, I do have to pause for a minute and consider what it even means to be happy. The next time a mom asks “don’t you just love being a mom?”… try responding with a “no, actually I am pretty unhappy and stressed out and […]

read barefoot

So, it’s no big secret that I am in love with books, specifically children’s books. Books that are enjoyable as adult reading too. Over the years I have discovered a lot about myself and my children and what I want in our reading. Reading is the core of our quality time together at home and the […]

Keep it simple. Forgive no matter what.

Forgiveness is confusing, is it an emotion? A verb, such as an action? Maybe forgiveness is ongoing or a one-time thing. That’s the difference between people. Some forgive instantly, some don’t want to forgive until punishment, verbal or worse, is given. I think that when I judge another or choose to take control over their […]


It’s hard admitting that motherhood is not easy, not always enjoyable, or even unmanageable. One stressful time leads to another and after enough stress, I am an unhappy person. Specifically, an unhappy mom. And then I get angry. What my boys believe about the world around them will depend on the course charted by me, as […]

I love my homeschool friends

So this morning I scanned back over some of my earlier posts from when I first began blogging, and then again while going through life changes. Moving to Gainesville and leaving institutional church. Leaving organic church and moving to Kansas City. Have a several procedures this year, including removing my thyroid. I was diagnosed with […]

So far…

Exploring Countries and Cultures, by My Father’s World has been good so far. Good, I know it’s a generic word, but we have been doing this long enough to give it an honest review. And overall it’s good, bordering on pretty good. What I really love about this program is all that I am learning. […]