read barefoot

So, it’s no big secret that I am in love with books, specifically children’s books. Books that are enjoyable as adult reading too. Over the years I have discovered a lot about myself and my children and what I want in our reading. Reading is the core of our quality time together at home and the core of our homeschool. Here is what I want in books…

~ Probably one of the lesser qualities, but still important is the environmental factor. I have a collection of books that are made from ancient forest friendly paper and vegetable based ink. I am proud of this.

~ I like books which that expand into more reading, interests and books which can be the inspiration for things like gardening, things like yoga and health, endangered animals, the arts and fine literature and poetry and books which spin-off into crafts and easy activities for my elementary aged kids.

~Books that inspire me to care for the world and its creatures are going to do the same for my kids. Books that broaden our horizons and global diversity help us travel the world from home. Geography, culture, and learning about ecosystems and caring for them are important in our home.

~Books that are in line with our ideals as a family. Health and fitness; kindness and forgiveness; diversity and acceptance. Those are ones we like.

I happen to sell a large volume of books from a few different vendors. I am proud of all of them and believe in all of the companies I receive my inventory from, but my favorite by far is a collection of books from a company which embodies all of these. The company is called Barefoot Books and these are the books I use when I want to fundraise, book-raise, or give to Books for Africa or collect for our local library, which is lacking in children’s books.

Anyway, here’s the link… to Barefoot Books. If you order anything, let me know because I like to send something to everyone who buys off my storefront. If you would like a donation of books for your organization, shoot me a private message and we’ll talk more about your cause and what types of books you need. I am in the process of collecting books for donating right now for local NICU babies and parents; as gifts for them to read to their babies when they visit. I would love to help out with more book donations and work with other companies who sell different books as well. These just happen to be my favorite by far.

I hope you enjoy looking around the site.

As always, love Jackie


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