It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been working on a project and honestly it’s taken quite a bit out of me. I’ve noticed a trend as homeschooling grows and decided to look into it more… then I decided to write a short book about it. Currently I am in the drafting and researching […]

Cafe Mom; Andrew Cardon

Look at what dude wrote… “””My wife is a teacher. An Earth Science teacher. For the eighth grade. Yeah, I don’t get it either. Super boring subject. Worst grade in the world to teach, what with all those insanely raging hormones. But that’s where she ended up, and I’ll admit, it is pretty cool when she […]

nothing like a good book

The amount of importance our society places on showing children the joy of reading is astounding. In my post yesterday I wrote that it was shocking to see how little the schools see the positive effects of reading to and with our children all the time. Time spent doing ditto’s and worksheets would be better spent reading and talking about the […]

post for homeschoolers

This post is extremely pro-homeschooling. Please don’t read it if your only plan is to roast me on this issue. I believe that the public school system is needed and that teachers have worked very hard to devote their careers to teaching children. They are underpaid and extremely important in our communities. This post does not take […]

me and my books

Okay, so I have been reading an enormous pile of books on how to live a better life. I am really excited to share some of my ideas on them… Me and Husband are in Financial Peace and so of course I am reading books on how to be more thrifty, on how to control […]


This is an old post… bringing it back to life… 🙂 Reading is so darn important that if children learn only one thing, it needs to be to read well. If a person can read, he or she can learn about art, music, science and history as the interests peaks them. Reading is relaxing and how […]