Get ready to give….

Book Fundraiser… Get a Book, Give a Book.

Let me begin by stating that this is not a sales pitch. I am not a sales person and there is nothing in this whole ordeal for me other than I get to help out for a good cause…

In the coming months as we prepare for Christmas I am going to take full advantage of the shopping season. People spend money on their family and friends and co-workers. This is me and my company’s opportunity to give to our local children’s hospital. Earlier this year I began selling books through a widely used and very popular online bookstore… You might have heard of them? Well, it was through the love and support of my family and the success of that business (under the name of Sunshine Cottage Books & more) that I discovered a need for book-raisers. Not just the kind that schools and libraries do, but the kind that helps to keep reading alive in a world where books are become extinct along with the joy of reading.

The more I looked into our local Children’s Hospital and the need they have for books, the hungrier I became to fill that need. When a child spends days, weeks, months in the ICU a young mother and father are usually there night and day living out the toughest days of their lives. The hospital here in KC expressed a need for new books to be given to these parents as gifts because the sound of a parent’s voice reading to the baby has been shown to improve the chances of the newborn preemie’s recovery.

So I will be holding a book-raiser in the coming months. This post is somewhat of a save-the-date for anyone wanting to give. Here’s how it’ll go…

The books are $7.50. I ask for $15. You get a book and a copy of the book you selected for your child gets put in the gift basket as your donation. We’ll also be handing out stickers, bookmarks, and other goodies.

The location of this event will be posted soon and the opportunity to participate online will be provided.

I understand that many of you do not live where I live and want to get in on book-raising, but would preferably want to give to the mommies and daddies in you own city. That is not a problem as long as certain requirements are met.

So… be on the lookout as I keep you updated on the holiday Get a Book, Give a Book event. If you would like to see some of the fun items on the main website, please click on the link below. Information on how our fundraisers work is provided on the website so feel free to read all about it.

Barefoot Books

Thanks guys, I hope this sounds appealing to you because it would be such a huge blessing to these families in Mercy Children’s Hospital here in KC.

If you would like more information please contact me @ the BB website. Thanks 🙂




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