like learning to walk again

Sorry I’ve been keeping my posts password protected guys. I’ve been saddened by something near and dear and close to heart. So I wrote to get it out and also to have a place to write some of my research down so I don’t lose it, then I gave it to Husband to read. I can’t write too much other than… sometimes we can be deceived. Those in a position of authority play on our heart strings. There is always an agenda. A sure fire sign that deception is happening is contradictions all over the place. So I’ve been stressed about a cause that’s become close to my heart in which people are being deceived (and no, it has nothing to do with church).

So I have been sad and praying and conversing with the Lord and not sure about the injustice of it all. What can I do? Should we stay quiet? I was surrounded in controversy once for expressing my feelings … there’s no way I’m getting back on that horse. So we decided to stay quiet. My husband was actually just as affected as I am, which is rare because he’s content in all things. But, for the moment, we are to remain quiet. And pray.

As I struggled through this intense, personal, offensive problem I realized that this is where it happens. This is where I learn to trust again. This is where my God shows me that He is more sovereign than I am, and I can lean on Him. No need to defend the defenseless (which I was not able to do in this case, which was the most frustrating part of the whole thing), as He had already begun to do so. For the exact reasons me and my husband were so torn up about.

When deceived, and threat against me/us is seen as bad. When walking in Love, any time a shift occurs, there is an ultimate purpose and a chance to know the Lord more. I have been very, very upset. And I can’t really talk about it too much on here, but it was an issue that I have known personally, very well… and society has been treating it like it doesn’t affect human beings. But it does. And maybe one day I’ll be able to post my blogs publicly and the interviews and the research, as well as my personal story, but for right now, the God is doing a far better job than I ever could.

Have to go without editing (again). Have a doctor appointment. Sorry.

Learning to trust again. It all works for the good…

Have a good week friends,




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