got myself checked out

Our house caught a bug. We’re pretty sick. I just came off the tail end of a 36-hour sleep marathon. I’m not quite ready to be up, but husband has to work and my kids would tear the house down if I stayed asleep any longer. The sickness started with me and I passed it along to two of the boys. We all have the same sick here-comes-winter symptoms. It happened around this time last year too. I guess my body is still getting used to the cold. I didn’t get sick like this at the start of winter in Florida. So I am trying really hard here to stay awake long enough to write this. I think I told about six people I would write them back and then I got super sick and went MIA. So sorry guys, I do plan on getting back with you, but I am exhausted and miserable. Last year I felt like this for about 2 weeks. Completely spent.

The kids were up in the middle of the night and never went back to sleep. Great. Today is going to be awesome. I have about 20 books that need to be packed up and shipped out. And no amount of sleep ever makes me feel energetic enough to get going. Which brings me to the point of today’s blog. In April I had my thyroid taken out. It needed to go. Before getting it out my doctor checked the levels and noticed I had slightly lower than normal thyroid function. Which can cause fatigue and weight gain. I had worked out a lot in Florida so I never noticed the weight gain, but I question why I never really lost much weight. I just stayed were I was. And I worked out every single day for an hour to two hours. For a year. I burned 800 to 1000 calories a day and didn’t get thin like I should have. I stayed normal. It didn’t occur to me that something was wrong… in hindsight I should have paid more attention. So, in April doc slit my throat (I am pretty bad-a$$) and took my thyroid and put me on a high dose of synthetic hormones. In people my age, doctors tend to start with higher doses and lower them as needed. When a patient reaches 50, a lower dose is given and then raised.

So I have been taking this dose all year. And I have not felt well. Really tired. Not wanting to do anything. Sleeping until noon when Chris is home. And basically just fighting laziness constantly. The other day I took my son to our family doctor and when I was there asked him to check my levels. He said that if there was an issue he would shoot me an email. The next day I got an email stating that my levels are severely low. It was shocking how low they are and how long I have been living with the fatigue. He faxed a prescription to the pharmacy for a dose almost double what I’ve been taking. We pick it up tonight and I begin the new medicine tomorrow.

I am so relieved. I can’t remember what it feels like to have energy. To have the physical drive to carry out all of the ideas and mental drive that never went away. I am so tired all the time. I barely eat and don’t lose a pound. Maybe now my body will react to exercise and diet. I finally have hope. I may not be so tired all the time for the rest of my life. All thanks to an adjustment in my medicine.

The blogs have slowed down considerably as I feel tired and run down a little more each day. Homeschooling takes every single bit of energy I can muster up. Husband will attest to the fact that I am not my crazy, house cleaning, bread baking self. I am just tired. And now that I am getting what I have a feeling will be my annual winter illness, it just makes me even more exhausted.

So as I fight sleep today to make sure the kids are safe, get fed, and find somewhat educational things to do, I have hope in knowing that I’m not a slacker. I’m not the lazy person I’ve been telling myself to stop being, and I am not losing interest in life due to the need to sleep all the time. It’s the little butterfly shaped gland that was removed from my body, which stopped producing a hormone my body needs, making me feel like a loser.

Better wrap this up as I hear my only “well” child sniffling and hacking up a lung. Sounds like all 3 are infected. Bummer. When my kids were little they would sleep when they got sick. Not anymore. They stay up and are miserable. I wish it were legal to knock them out with some cold medicine because I really do not have the patience to deal with them as I fight my own illness. The upside? When I don’t feel like I am on my deathbed anymore, I will actually have energy like a normal person. Thanks God. I am really looking forward to that.

Have a good weekend. I will get back to every person I told I would get back to once I am up for meaningful conversation and I’m not so grouchy. Thanks for reading… and when in doubt, get your thyroid levels checked.




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