this year…

Grateful for: My life. My actual physical life. There is a lot going on under our skin that makes the body function. Little intricate cells and fluids that work together normally… or they don’t work like their supposed to and they cause pain. They cause the body not to work properly. This year my amazing team of doctors found […]

wrapping up…

What blog wouldn’t be complete without the end of the year here’s-what-I’ve-discovered post? Certainly not mine. So as I get ready to share the largest of life’s lessons that happened to be revealed to me this year, let me share a little of my past, as it relates to here and now. A few years […]

kids in need of good homes

Several of my posts this month are aimed directly at sharing the desires of my heart. I have too much to write in just one post so I will spread them out over a few and link them together in a series somewhere on my blog page. The overall series link will be entitled People. […]

journey through christianity

Oooh, tricky topic. I’ll try to tread lightly as I make way through the experience I had from meeting Jesus to, well, now. When I met and fell in love with Christ I was 17. In the years to follow I would fall deeply in love with him, relapse into opiate abuse, come to fall more deeply […]

some Do’s and Don’ts I wish I could go back and tell myself

Last night I was able to get away for a bit to read and write. It was glorious. Especially after yesterday’s post about how stressed I felt. Then I come home to find my husband planned a get away for us this weekend. Just me and him at a nice little B&B called the Hyatt. […]

look up

This Thanksgiving I wasn’t very thankful. In fact, I was pretty grumpy. Me and Husband did turkey day at home, with the kids, which was pretty stressful. He cooked and started cleaning. I shopped and finished cleaned. But it wasn’t so much the day that sucked as it was the weeks leading up to it. I was […]