making plans for a fun week of school…

Next week husband will be out of town for work. Man, I wish some of my girlfriends lived closer. I would love to get together for a girl’s night here with chocolate, wine and/or coffee, and so much talking that we interrupt each other non-stop. I am so thankful for the phone and facebook and connecting from afar, but nothing beats a girl’s night. It’s what I miss most about Florida, besides my daily 2 hours at the gym (which included a shower in complete peace). Unfortunately since I am not close enough, emotionally or familiar enough with the women here, both in church and hs groups, to have a girl’s night, I am going to have fun with the kids and change the schedule a bit in order to make things as awesome as they can be…

My husband is leaving, which I don’t love, but I will love eating vegetarian/vegan for a week with the kids. My oldest is a strict vegetarian and I am mostly veggie too. Our youngest want to eat vegetarian, but so far I say no simply because he is waaay too picky to be vegetarian. He would actually be a carbatarian, but for a few days it will be okay. So we are going to eat the foods I would make if it was just me and the kids.

I also may take them to a movie (thanks mom and dad!) with gift certificates we got at Christmas. Maybe we skip school and see a matinee or maybe after dinner. Whenever we choose is fine because it’s just us. I am also using the opportunity to make paper bag school projects. What is that you don’t ask? Well… after watching tons of tutorials on how to make paper bags books I am passing along the skill to my children. We’ll make book report bag, write our own book, book bags, make nature journal book bags, and paint art books. It’ll be fun and I’ll have a ton of pictures to post.

In Florida I have 3 nieces, one is a baby, but the other two are old enough to appreciate gifts for Valentine’s Day. So we’ll be making them little craft thingies for Love Day. Also, I may break out the sewing machine I got for Christmas (for the first time) so I can make Mother’s Day gifts and curtains for my kitchen. The family in the house behind us down the hill can watch me cook and do dishes at night. Also, the house across the street from them. And I know, I know, Mother’s Day is a little way’s off, but I have no memory of how to use the sewing machine so it will be a lot of trial and error before I get the gift to look just how I need it to look. Mom if you are reading this… I promise it will be something you like. No home-made pin cushions or anything like that. Also, this year, in my very large family of 3 brothers, one brother in law, 3 sister in laws (one is not technically married to my brother, but they parent very closely so I consider her a SIL), and a SIL on my husband’s side. We have 4 nephews and 3 nieces. In addition, one of the families is in the process of adopting. And I recently found out that come September someone from my extremely large family may be having another little one. Once I get the “go-ahead” I’ll be a little less cryptic, but I will need to make an extra special Mother’s Day gift for this lady. I have something very special in mind and need to get working on that project this week too.

Projects are fun. They fill the desire to create and inspire me even further artistically. Like Dr. Seuss said, I have a million impossible thoughts a day, and that’s just before breakfast! I like making creative gifts for others. When I make “things” for myself I am bored. The only non-household/homeschool running journal I keep for myself is a mixed media art journal that is messy and beautiful and makes me feel like a child with that first art set I got on my birthday. My kids are the same way… they love to create. Very little of what they make is for their own personal use. It’s pretty awesome.

Keep you guys updated on my week of fun arts and crafts. Today is a serious day, though. I have IC/PBS (interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome) and it’s being kept at bay by a procedure I had done called hydrodilation which stretches and numbs and eases most all of the pain. So last week I felt like I had the worst bladder infection of my life and I figured it was time for another hydrodilation. in fact, it was a bladder infection and not the IC. How do I know? I went to the doctor a few weeks ago, was diagnosed with a kidney infection, and placed on antibiotics. I felt fine for a while, until the sting-y bladder feeling. That was Monday. I figured it would go away on its own. I had already been to the doctor and so with the busy-ness of life I didn’t want to go back. Well… the last 2 nights have been hell. I have been in such pain right where my kidneys are that I can barely sleep. I’m confined to 3 or 4 positions that I can comfortably remain without screaming. So as we aim to lower our medical bills before we get sued/go to collections, I am not going to the ER, but waiting for Urgent Care Center to open. My doctor, whose been with me through everything, works in an office that is joined with Urgent Care so they have all my records already. And I know the staff well. I really, really hope that I didn’t wait too long to seek treatment. I hope that they can give me something strong enough to numb the pain so that I can sleep for more than an hour without waking, moaning, and wincing in #7 pain. You know, the scale of pain… 10 being the worst ever. Mine is certainly inching up the scale a little more each day and I have reached a 7. So as you can see, although I have big plans for this week, once again, my stupid urinary tract system may put a wrench in my plans. I’ll keep you posted.

I know I wrote that I was done updating you on health problems in this blog, and believe me I keep so much of that stuff private, but because the post was about all we plan to do this week, I needed to throw in my disclaimer… if I cannot move about or shall I be admitted for IV antibiotics for a few days, this may be an “art themed” week as well as a health and compassion and cooperation themed week. I am also in too much pain NOT to write about this. God, I hope the doctor can help me start feeling better today.

Happy Sunday Friends!




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