Mother Earth Love

From the beginning I’ve always been a bit of an outdoor-sy gal. Sure, I’ve gone through phases where going out with friends or making sure my hair kept frizz free took precedent, but generally, at heart, I belong in the wild. Among the sandy shoreline. Amid the forests and grasses. With my hands in the backyard […]

seasonal changes

Last year, about this time, life gave me a little more than I could handle. My slow and very painful recovery from having a sick thyroid removed was just the beginning. It would begin a series of more surgeries and procedures that would “undo” all the years of organic eating and clean living I practiced. All of my […]

Common Core State Standards

So today I read a story in an issue of Parent and Child magazine called “Unlocking the Common Core.” Unfortunately, it unlocked nothing. The author gave a few scripted examples of how certain assignments in a classroom might change. The changes were a little frightening to read as I thought students were already being taught […]

supporter of bupe

By now the world has heard that a great actor, Philip Seymore Hoffman, died. He died of a drug overdose. Found in his room was an arsenal of detox medication as well. An educated guess? He planned on using hard one last time (as he expressed wanting to get clean the day before his death) and then […]

Relentless Learning

A while back I worked on writing a book. A book that I had looked for in bookstores and on Amazon, but could not find. I wanted to write a series of answers to questions and concerns voiced by loved ones and nosy ones regarding homeschooling. But I also wanted to bridge a gap between […]

making plans for a fun week of school…

Next week husband will be out of town for work. Man, I wish some of my girlfriends lived closer. I would love to get together for a girl’s night here with chocolate, wine and/or coffee, and so much talking that we interrupt each other non-stop. I am so thankful for the phone and facebook and connecting […]

Notebooking, 2

As I wrote yesterday, we are now a journaling homeschool bunch. I bought Smash Books for the boys over Christmas break and they loved have the freedom to doodle, draw, write, paste collected articles and pics, and to record anything they wanted to remember. In watching how much they learned and how naturally they took […]